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Kingdom Hearts 3 – Olympus Boss Fight Rock Titan Walkthrough

Olympus Boss Fight Rock Titan Walkthrough

This is a rather interesting fight since you will have to actually reach the Titan before you can damage it. Start off by running up the glowing wall. The Titan will clear a path for you so you can run up the next huge glowing wall. While you’re running up it, it will throw down huge boulders so be sure to plan ahead and move over to dodge them.

Just before you reach the top, there will be a little ledge to your left that you can jump onto. Go there and there is another chest. Climb the final bit to the top and you’ll have a break for a moment. Follow the only path through a little cave with a platform on your left and one on the right. Climb up the left one and jump over to the right one to find a chest.

Continue along your original path to come to a clearing where you will be attacked by normal shadow Heartless and flying ones. Take them out and then continue along the path to the real fight with the Rock Titan. Run along the path to the large glowing wall and climb up it. Like before, dodge the huge boulders as you run up. At the top, begin mashing away at the Titan’s left or right foot. Be sure to attack from behind so you don’t fall off the edge (like us).

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At a certain amount of health, the leg you are attacking will glow and freeze up. Then proceed to attack the other leg. When this one freezes up and glows, sparkles will begin to appear on the foot. Run towards these and Sora will automatically leap up the Rock Titan. Here, pick one of the heads and start attacking.

If you see a green circle around one of the heads, immediately hit that one to unlock the Mountain Coaster attraction. Then go ahead and use it as this is able to finish off the Rock Titan easily. Your goal here is to continuously fire at the Rock Titan. If you see a circle appear around one of the heads, quickly shoot it for massive damage.

The Mountain Coaster will go around so be sure to move the camera when necessary. Keep this up until the timer is almost out. Wait until the very last possible second to press Y/Triangle for the finishing move and it should take out the Rock Titan. If it doesn’t, simply climb back up it and mash away at its heads.

With the Titan defeated, follow the ledge until you have a rock in the middle and two paths. Follow the left path to jump down below. There will be a chest in front of you there. Continue along this linear pathway until you reach the Summit. Save your game and proceed to reach the Realm of the Gods.

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