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Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind How to Beat Anti Aqua

How to Beat Anti Aqua

Teleportation: She teleports around the arena and does several attacks, where she teleports away after each attack then teleports back. The attacks can be the following: she tries to uppercut you with her Keyblade. Either dodge or block this attack. She also tries to slash forward which you can also either dodge to a side or block. In her last attack, three Aquas appear and shoot three homing energy balls at you. This is the easiest one to dodge as you can just outrun the attacks by running to either side.

Clones: This move is a more defensive move. Several Aquas appear in the arena and you have to find out which is the real one. You can start attacking them nonstop or you can use a single Thunder spell and take care of most of them.

Crystals: Similar to the attack in the previous fight, Aqua makes several crystals appear that home in on you. Unlike the previous fight, they start moving right as they appear and they move much faster than before. The same applies here, dodge them as best as you can. I cannot say much more than that.

This fight is tough, especially if you’re like me and just forget to equip items. One of the best weapons you can use here is the Wheel of Fate, the one you get in The Caribbean. Using its Formchange, Highwind, gives you a lot of range and allows you to attack Aqua rapidly and gives you some range. Usually Aqua, when not attacking, she’s walking really slowly and if you try attacking her she’ll teleport nearby. You have to keep trying to attack her until you attack the real one. To make your life easier, press R1 right after she disappears to keep track of where she is.

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