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Lords of the Fallen How to Unlock Inferno Ending (Bad Ending)

How to Unlock The Inferno Ending in Lords of the Fallen.

Lords of the Fallen How to Unlock Inferno Ending

  • Unlocked Trophies/Achievements – Lord of the Risen
  • Unlocked New Game Plus Content – Starting Class: Lord

This section will include the required objectives to unlock the Inferno ending of Lords of the Fallen:

  • First, defeat the Colossal Sentinels that are protecting the beacons and do not cleanse any of them.
  • Collect the Rune of Adyr from the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters location.
  • OPTIONAL: If The Iron Wayfarer is still alive, you can fight him at the gates of Bramis Castle and you need to defeat him to obtain the Rune of Adyr.
  • Unlock the gates of Bramis Castle which triggers a short cutscene. After which, upon checking your inventory, The Dark Crusader Rosary will be replaced with a broken version of it.
  • Explore Bramis Castle until you reach the end where you need to fight and defeat The Sundered Monarch.
  • Approach and speak to the Effigy of Adyr. By doing so, the Rune of Adyr will change to the Empowered Rune of Adyr.
  • Snuff out or extinguish the five beacons which can be found at the following Locations: Forsaken Fen, Upper Calrath, Fief of the Chill Curse, Tower of Penance, and The Empyrean
  • If you’ve left The Empyrean last, defeat Judge Cleric the Radiant Sentinel. But if you’ve cleared the area early on, you will find her “true form” just in front of the beacon. Interact with the NPC to enter her mind.
  • And finally, to trigger the Inferno ending, players will simply need to interact with Iselle.

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