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Lords of the Fallen How to Unlock Radiance Ending (Good Ending)

How to Unlock The Radiance Ending in Lords of the Fallen.

Lords of the Fallen How to Unlock Radiance Ending

  • Unlocked Trophies/Achievements – In Light We Walk.
  • Unlocked New Game Plus Content – Starting Class: Radiant Purifier.

This section will include the required objectives to unlock the Radiance ending of Lords of the Fallen:

  • The primary objective is to cleanse all of the beacons which can be found at the following Locations: Forsaken Fen, Upper Calrath, Fief of the Chill Curse, Tower of Penance, and The Empyrean, after defeating the Colossal Sentinels that are protecting it.
  • NOTE: Cleansing the first beacon at the Forsaken Fen will automatically block the player from unlocking the Inferno ending while cleansing all five beacons cancels the Umbral ending.
  • Continue towards the gates to Bramis Castle where you’ll encounter a boss battle against The Iron Wayfarer, defeat him before you can unlock the gates.
  • OPTIONAL: If by any chance Damarose the Marked is still alive, you’ll encounter her as a boss in the castle’s gatehouse. You will need to defeat her to continue towards the castle’s throne room.
  • Explore Bramis Castle until you reach the end where you need to fight and defeat The Sundered Monarch.
  • Approach and speak to the Effigy of Adyr and enter the Rhogar realm.
  • Defeat Adyr the Bereft Exile to trigger the Radiance ending.

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