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Lords of the Fallen Latest Receiver of His Grace Walkthrough

Lords of the Fallen Latest Receiver of His Grace Walkthrough

The game begins with a cutscene of the previously-tasked Crusader casting out the Umbral Lamp onto the Defiled Sepulchre before dying to a powerful Enemy. Players will then be able to go through Character Creation and choose their Dark Crusader’s Class. You’ll then open your eyes at the exact spot where the Umbral Lamp fell, and someone will greet you as you awaken, and grant you a gift. He’ll talk of an important mission that you must carry out with this gift and tell you to meet him at the depths of Skyrest. Afterward, you’ll get up and finally have full control of the Dark Crusader.

Head up the stairs and move forward. You’ll have to make a U-turn and then destroy the obstacles with attacks or dodge roll through them to encounter your first Enemy, the Corrupted Penitent. After making quick work of it, you’ll reach a fork. Turning left leads to an Enervated Vigor Skull in some water. Head back and progress to the right this time. You’ll enter a doorway while being taught how to lock on to targets and switch between them as you fight.

In the next chamber, you’ll have two Cross-bearers to practice this with. Head up either short set of stairs to find the only way forward to the left blocked by some vines. Simply attack them to pass through. Sprint forward and then jump over the gap on the floor. Follow the path to find a Corrupted Pilgrim at the end of the path who’ll attack you by throwing something your way. Follow the tutorials to dodge its attacks as you move close to it for the kill. Past it and up the stairs will be Throwing Rock on the ground. After picking it up, you’ll be given a tutorial for fighting from a distance. You can practice by catching the Corrupted Penitent nearby unawares.

Head up the small slope toward the door to be given a tutorial on using your Umbral Lamp to reveal how the area looks in the Umbral realm. Make sure to use this feature whenever you get stuck or in interesting spots, especially in areas where there are lots of moths. Use your Umbral Lamp near the door to reveal a figure on it with a large eye, which is barring you from opening it. This is called an Umbral Tumor. To destroy it, you have to find the corresponding targets to Soulflay. Follow the path to the right first to reach a closed gate. Use your Umbral Lamp to move past it. You’ll be given a tutorial on switching stances with your Weapons here, and some more Corrupted Penitents to practice with.

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