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Love Esquire Campaign/Battle Map

Campaign/Battle Map

  • 15 Rounds in total & each round have different monsters.
  • The further you proceed, the tougher the monster.
  • Once you beat a round, you will not be able to repeat the round & force to fight the next round the next time you begin adventuring to fight (Plan properly if you are still learning to fight!)

1884396238_preview_Outskirt Hugh 3

Must Know!

  • Hugh will wait at Outskirt before 12pm if you want to go fight monster, but after 12pm, he will leave Squire behind if you don’t approach him & can only go fight monster the next day with Hugh.
  • Once you begin the campaign, you will only return at 4pm on the same day so please plan properly.

How to start campaign/battle:
1. Go to Town Map & click on Outskirts (* Make sure Hugh is there if not, you are not able to go fight monster on that day)

2. Once Hugh is at the outskirt then click on Hugh & Let’s Go.

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