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Metro Exodus – Throwing Weapons

Throwing Weapons

Besides firearms and pneumatic weapons, Artyom also uses throwing weapons:

Decoy (a tin can) is used only to distract enemy’s attention. Five components are required to craft one Decoy.

Throwing Knife can become an ideal weapon for a stealth killing. You need 10 components to craft one Throwing Knife.

Hand Grenade explodes right in the place where it falls (almost immediately). You need 30 components and 15 chemicals to craft one Hand Grenade.

Molotov Cocktail allows you to set your opponents on fire. You need 10 components and 40 chemicals to craft one Molotov Cocktail.

Press C to throw any object. By default, Artyom throws cans, but you can switch to other throwing weapons by holding C and moving the mouse in the desired direction (refer to the tip in the lower left corner).

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