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Mystwood Manor How to level up your staff

Explains how to level up your staffs’ skills.

How to level up your staffs’ skills (Normal mode only).

In order to level up your staffs’ skills levels, they need to be assigned to the jobs the guests’ demands their services in, any upkeep jobs (such as housekeeping, maintenance, healthcare and security), or you can take advantage of Amanda to train your staff (more on this later).

The first thing we’re going to look at is the guest at check-in to see what his or her needs are during their stay.

How to level up your staff

In the morning, he wants room service, so he will go to the kitchen to place his order. So you will need someone with the necessary skills (Julia or Kay) to staff the kitchen. In the afternoon, he will want something from the restaurant, so you will need to place a staff member with kitchen skills (Julia or Kay) in the kitchen and another staff member (Amber or Riley) in the restaurant. Though please note that any guest who requires the restaurant needs someone working in the kitchen as well in order to place another staff member in the restaurant. In the evening, he wants to have a drink at the bar. So you will need to place a staff member (Amber or Kay) in the bar to serve drinks to your thirsty guests.

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Upon a successful guest encounter, the staff member you assigned will have their skill experience increased. You can see the how many experience points they received displayed on the results screen after your guest encounter.

How to level up your staff

One very important thing to note, never place a staff member with low skills in any of the higher level facilities, otherwise they will fail the guest encounter earning a strike. Fail them three times in one stay and your guest will leave without paying.

So let’s now take a look at all of the rooms/facilities you will have to offer your guests during their stay.

How to level up your staff

In the screenshot above, I have labeled all of the rooms/facilities by name and the Manor level required in order to unlock (renovate) them. Some will have certain requirements before they can be unlocked. You’ll also notice that there are two arrows — one pointing to the restaurant and one pointing to the club. This indicates you need a staff member working either in the kitchen (for the restaurant) or the bar (for the club).

In this next screenshot, we’re going to examine the staff’s skills a bit more closely to get more of an idea on not only their experience, but their staff and skill levels as well.

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How to level up your staff

In the image above, we’re looking at Julia’s skills. They are: lobby, housekeeping and kitchen. These are the only 3 jobs she can be assigned to. If you notice in the toolltip just above the kitchen, it shows how much experience she has (30/50). To view this, go to your staff screen (see screenshot below) then look in the Profile tab for each of your staff members.

How to level up your staff

Another way to look at your staff’s skills is by hovering over their portraits in the employees “resting” bar. It will not tell you how much more experience they need before they level up in that skill like it will from the staffs’ Profile tabs, but you can get some idea how much more experience they need as indicated by the light blue circle.

How to level up your staff

Also, please note that the lowest skill level is their current staff level. So if she’s 1/2/4, she’s a level 1 staff member.

Lastly, there’s a second way to quickly level your girls up and that’s by assigning them to the study weekday mornings. But there are a few requirements… They are:

  1. The Manor must be at least level 3.
  2. Visit the Royal Stag during the day to talk to Richard and Libby about borrowing Amanda during the week.
  3. Renovate the study after visiting the Royal Stag.
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How to level up your staff

Once you’ve done that, Amanda will arrive the following weekday morning. Assign any staff member to the study to increase her experience. The lowest skill levels are increased first.

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