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Mystwood Manor Tarot Cards

Mystwood Manor Tarot cards, achievement attuned, items and more.

Mystwood Manor Tarot Cards

You can equip the MC (main character = you) and every girl with up to 3 cards.
There are male cards only for the MC and female cards only for the girls.
Some cards have a very low chance to appear, the color of the cards doesn’t represent correctly this chance.

You can trade in your destiny points at Isabellas hut in the evening or at night.

  • Lesser offer (requires tier 1 destiny bar)
  • Greater offer (requires tier 2 destiny bar)
  • Superior offer (requires tier 3 destiny bar)

Tips that would have saved me a lot of time if I had known them earlier:

  • A) Do not waste destiny points and go for the Superior (3) cards before you have the trait Attuned. More infos in the chapter Lake.
  • B) With a right click on one of the girls in the planning screen you can jump directly into the inventory of that girl.

If you collect every card of all 3 ranks you get a bonus scene with Isabella and the achievement IN THE CARDS.

The best Lesser Cards (rank 1)

You should start with some rank 1 cards to fill your slots. The worth of the cards for the player changes with the game time. The Socialite is only number 2 in early game, but later it’s one of the best of all cards.

My advise
First aim for the very good cards (top 5).
When you have only 1 redraw left and see any of the cards in the list: Take it!

  1. The Prodigy (extrem rare)
  2. The Socialite (must have)
  3. The Innkeeper (must have))
  4. The Beggar (+5% money)
  5. The Host (+1 redraw in the lobby, Julia)
  6. The Wench
  7. The Barkeeper
  8. The Scribe
  9. The Cook
  10. The Drunk

It seems that The Prodigy has a very low chance to appear, so don’t waste too much destiny points by trying to get this card.

The best Greater Cards (rank 2)

My advise
First aim for the very good cards (top 5).
When you have only 1 redraw left and see any of the cards in the list: Take it!

  1. The Builder (must have)
  2. The Visionary (extrem rare)
  3. The Temptress (must have)
  4. The Servant (must have)
  5. The Athlete (must have)
  6. The Merchant (+10% money)
  7. The Historian
  8. The Strong Woman
  9. The Fire Eater
  10. The Herbalist

The best Superior Cards (rank 3)

My advise
First aim for the very good cards (top 5).
When you have only 1 redraw left and see any of the cards in the list: Take it!
You need all these cards.

  1. The Wicked
  2. The Chosen One (extrem rare)
  3. The Fortune Teller
  4. The King
  5. The Seer
  6. The Librarian
  7. The Courtesan
  8. The Mermaid
  9. The Contortionist
  10. The Dancer

MC Cards: High Value

A dream combination would be The Chosen One, The Visionary and The King.

Best general cards for the MC

Tarot Cards

The Chosen One (3): All guests award 15% more money, reputation and destiny points.
The Visionary (2): 10%
The Prodigy (1): 5%
In the current version (v1.03) the chances for these 3 golden cards are below 1% (for each of them). It seems the only ways to get them now is to be extremely lucky or to empty the rank almost.


Tarot Cards

The King (3): All guests award 15% more money.
The Merchant (2): 10%
The Beggar (1): 5%
Money and Destiny points are very important in the game.

Best special cards

Tarot Cards

The Builder (2): Reduces all construction costs by 20%.
The Fortune Teller (3): Reveals the correct answer during guests interactions (works not with bets).
The Seer (3): Allows you to redraw your tarot cards three additional times for each reading.

Micro Management

You can use the Fortune Teller in the morning and in the afternoon.
In the evening you should switch to The Seer if you go to Isabella or if people are going to check out in the next morning switch back to The King (for the money).

It’s really sad that you can’t save different equip variants for the MC and his girls.

MC Cards: Lower Value

Positive upkeep events

Tarot Cards

The Outlaw (3): 30%
The Patron (2): 20%
The Gambler (1): 10%
The parts of the hotel upkeep are housekeeping, maintenance, healthcare and security. These cards increase the chance of a positive upkeep event and are not worthy enough for one of the 3 slots.
The same goes for cards which reduce the chance of a negative upkeep event.


Tarot Cards

The Sage (3): All guests award 15% more reputation.
The Scholar (2): 10%
The Apprentice (1): 5%
Money and destiny points are far more important than reputation.

Girl Cards: High Value

Best cards for the girls

Tarot Cards

The Wicked (3): This girl requires no longer energy for work.
The Socialite (1): This girl increases all guest satisfactions by 5% when resting.
The Servant (2): This girl requires 50% less energy for work.

A girl has 100 energy and consumes normally 25 points in a work shift and at night 50 energy is recovered.
If you move the card The Wicked from one girl to the next in every shift it’s possible for 3 girls to work 3 shifts and wake up with 100 energy at the next morning.
The Socialite is another candidate for micro management. I leave the third slot empty for these cards.

Work bonus

There are a lot of cards with a 5% work bonus, most of them give only a bonus for one specific.
But some give more than one category the 5% bonus. These cards are very good.

Tarot Cards

The Temptress (2): works in every category

The Innkeeper (1): kitchen, restaurant and bar (good for Amber or Kay)
The Athlete (2): gym, yoga and pool (Annika or Catalina)
The Courtesan (3): sauna, massage and club (Hanna) (Not in the picture)
No girl works in all 3 categories of one card, 2 is the max.

Simple cards with a bonus for an area with customer interaction. These are good cards.

CardRankWork Categories
The Cook1Kitchen
The Wench1Restaurant
The Barkeeper1Bar
The Strong-Womanm2Gym
The Fire-Eater2Sauna
The Herbalist2Massage
The Contortionist3Yoga
The Dancer3Club
The Mermaid3Pool

Simple cards with a bonus for an area without customer interaction. These cards have only a low value.

CardRankWork Categories
The Housemaid1Housekeeping
The Tinkerer2Maintenance
The Nurse2Healthcare
The Shield Bearer3Security


Tarot Cards

These cards are more valuable the earlier you get them.
The Librarian (3): The girl gains 100% increased experience when working
The Historian (2): 50%
The Scribe (1): 25%

Girl Cards: Lower Value

Reduced wages (salary)

This are clearly cards from the category: Not important, but nice to have.

Tarot Cards

The Bride (3): 100% (the girl works the week for free)
The Lover (2): 50%
The Accountant (1): 25%
After the night from Sunday to Monday you have to decide which of the girls you wish to hire for the next week. Wages for the week are paid in advance.
You can equip these cards Sunday evening and remove them Monday morning to get the full reductions.

Strike prevention

Tarot Cards

The Saint (3): Chance = 75%
The Diva (2): 50%
The Widow (1) 25%
These cards give a girl a chance to prevent a strike when failing a customer interaction. The main goal is it to prevent strikes with good bonus cards.
The Widow has a low chance and later you have better cards. Only if you have a free slot.

Other low value cards

Tarot Cards

The Mistress (1): The girl gains additional 25 energy while resting. It’s the same like the Power napper trait. Only useful a very short time in the early game. I didn’t really need either of them.
The Alchemist (3): The girl has a 33% chance to lose a negative trait overnight.
The Adventurer (1): Trades in a card slot for an additional item slot. There are more good cards than good items, so no card you need.


Shop in the village

Tarot Cards

There are different items for the girls or for the MC.

All girl items

Tarot Cards

The merchant in the woods sells the 3 pills and you can get some of these items from the shop.
The rest you can find in your hotel or fish in the lake.

Equippable items of the MC

Tarot Cards

  • Ring (+ 10% money from guests)
  • Marble sculpture (unlocks tier 5 rewards of the girls)
  • Halloween card (unlocks Halloween costumes of the girls)

Other equipment of the MC doesn’t need to be equipped, like fishing rod and flashlight.

Traits, Hints and More

With a good combination of cards, traits and items you can boost your girls.

My priority of traits

For each level you can choose 1 of 3 traits. Later it’s possible to reset your choices witha purple pill.

  1. Unique traits
  2. Bonus for work with customer interactions
  3. Hoarder
  4. Adept
  5. Underpaid
  6. Power napper
  7. Bonus for work without customer interactions

Progress hints

Tarot Cards

In the progress screen of a girl you can find a hint how to progress with her.
Hover with the mouse over the ‘i‘.


Karens early negative trait? It’s part of her story (progress) and unavoidable, later it can be changed.

Wishing well: Fatum = destiny points and Fama = reputation points.

Do not to forget to level up the VIP status of your guests.

The Bank debt is 200k. The amount must be paid all at once and no interest is charged. There is no time pressure.

The 10th guest isMischa. You can find her in the town, after you finished the first part of Catalinas tier 5 progress.

The Lake, Attuned (Trait and Achivement)

The lake is important for 4 reasons

  • Bonus items for work. You need the fishing rod from the shop.
  • Bonus trait Attuned and achievement ATTUNED.
  • The third item for the statues. After you opened the bank safe deposit box.
  • Bonus scene with Libby and achievement QUITE A CATCH.

For the bonus trait Attuned you should visit the lake at night.
The effect of Attuned: Destiny points that exceed the limit, will now be stored for future use. Do not go for the Superior cards (rank 3) before you have this trait!


This guide was made because I love this game.
Comments which are inappropriate or contain links will be deleted!
I hope you can lead the girls and the hotel to success.

If you have a question, please feel free to ask.

Written by Melone

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