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New World A Proper Feast Walkthrough

After claiming the rewards for completing the Feeling Welcome quest, Leyson Reese will give this Quest.

A Proper Feast Walkthrough

  • How to get: Talk to Leyson Reese at the Watchtower.
  • Requirements: N/A
  • Rewards: XP 180, Gold 16.50 and Duelist’s Shirt
  • Enemies: N/A
  • Bosses: N/A

Hunt down a Boar to make yourself a meal
Boars can be found in the areas that are a little more forested. Find one and hunt it.

Equip a Skinning Knife
Equip the Skinning Knife from your inventory, if you don’t have one, you can craft it with Flint and Wood.

Skin a Boar to Collect Pork
Obtain Pork by skinning the Boar with your Knife.

Cook a Light Ration at the Watch Tower
Return to the Watcher’s Campfire and craft a Light Ration.

Talk to Leyson Reese
Talk to Leyson Reese, claim your rewards.

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