No Man’s Sky – Fix for getting stuck in walls/roofs on foot

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Find yourself stuck in a wall of your base with no way to suicide or move? (or anywhere on foot) then this will help you!

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Save editor

First get the save editor located at

1. find your latest save file (look at the time displayed)
2. click edit> edit raw json
3: click on spawnstatedata
4. Change “LastKnownPlayerState”:”OnFoot”, to “LastKnownPlayerState”:”InShip”,
5. Save the file

this will force teleport you to your ship.
use at your own risk and make sure to make a backup of your save file.

if you are still stuck inside a wall it means you didnt load the right save file. you should be inside your ship after using this fix.

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  1. Sadly, this can’t work for me. The ship landed next to the structure and disembarking places me inside the structure. There is no randomness in how/where I eject from the ship, so going back into the ship does and leaving again just repeats the scenario. And I’ve neither the fuel nor the supplies to make the fuel that I need to take off again. Going back to ship… well, lands me back in this boat.

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