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No One Survived Location of 2 Bandit Camps

2 of the 3 Bandit Camps in No One Survived.

No One Survived 2 Bandit Camps

2 Bandit Camps

About the game

This is a multiplayer cooperative open world construction survival sandbox game, where you and your friends must find supplies and build shelters in this world. You have to keep an eye on your character’s needs state at all times, a bad state is likely to lead to death. Update Patch Notes

Add physical effects to the character’s hair
Update the latest translation files

Optimize building blueprint material
Adjusted the spawning of zombies at gas stations
Optimize network replication bandwidth for inventory components
Reduced spawn chance of Zombie Dogs
Optimized the camera shake under open scope aiming

Bug fixes:
Optimize the temperature error when the game is loaded
Fixed the possibility of dogs disappearing on death
Repair the blood volume of metal spikes
Fixed the issue that water cannot be used and items cannot be used in the downed state
Fixed the blood effect not showing when the main character is not wearing any clothes
Fixed not recording rotation when dragging from nearby items into storage

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