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Octopath Traveler How to Beat Russell (Boss Fight)

Octopath Traveler How to Beat Russell

Items Acquired
Refreshing Jam, Ice Soulstone x2

Russell is much taller than his sprite counterpart, and he’s not alone either. He has two Water Wisp companions that have a significant amount of HP, but thankfully they don’t do much damage. They use ice magic while Russell specializes in fire magic. The following are Russell’s attacks:

  • Attack: Low physical damage to one character.
  • Tome Toss: Medium physical damage to one character.
  • Wildfire: High fire damage to all characters.
  • Russell is muttering an incantation: Russell skips this turn to powerup an attack for his next turn. Check the ATB bar at the top of the screen. If you have a turn before his next turn, DEFEND.
  • Fireball: Similar to Wildfire, deals a bit higher damage than the aforementioned attack.
  • Intimidate: Low physical damage and a chance to inflict Silence (no skill usage).

While these are the Water Wisps’ moves:

  • Attack: Low physical damage to one character.
  • Icicle: Medium ice damage to one character.

You don’t have too much to worry about, so use your Fireball attack to lower both of the Wisps’ SP and when you finally break the shields, Boost yourself and use a Lv. MAX Fireball to deal massive damage to them. You want to take care of the Wisps first because them and Russell attacking you each turn will take its toll on you. Make sure to heal up when you have 120~ HP and you should be fine. When the Wisps are dealt with, Russell is a real pushover. You can slowly break his shield with your Staff and powerup your Icewind spell to MAX and use it once you break the shield completely to deal some serious damage.

Do remember that when he starts charging his attack, Defend before his next turn to avoid being hit big time.

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