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Otaku’s Adventure: Quick Way to Farm Money (RPG World)

“Otaku’s Adventure” is a different kind of AVG.The story tells of an Otaku who has been single for many years and thirst for love. While he inadvertently embarks on a fantastic journey, he eventually wins girls’ love.

Quick Way to Farm Money

This is a way to gain a total of sum of 3-5k, infinitely for the RPG World.

This is a quick guide on to make money in the RPG World. Only useful for the first run, as in the next run, the game developers fix the money problem. (I don’t know if the fix is a bug for me). Ps. The “fix” is that the game starts with 9999999 money, after you have finished it once. Warning: Spoilers ahead… duh…

How to do the trick?

This trick requires you to be able to beat the first hero so if you can’t, grind for a bit to buy the level thingies.

You need to have the Chemist. Ps. You can check out the Precious Stuff Achievement 20, in my other guide to find out how to get the Chemist.

Rush him to level 5, to unlock his last move. Wealth is Weak Ps. Use the Artefact from the boss at the Giant’s Foot to help get the Chemist to level 5.

This uses 1/10 of your total gold to deal 5 times the amount of gold to deal damage. For example if you have 100 gold.
1/10 of 100 = 10
It deals 50 damage.
That doesn’t seem like a lot until you do this money trick to get a max of 50000, then suddenly you deal 25000 damage.

Note: Grind a bit of money before starting too, around 5000. You get on average about 300-600 gold per fight. So fight random encounter 10-15 times. More gold = easier start. Get your main character to at least level 4 and (´・ω・`). to level 2. This is when they get their AOE skills quicker random encounter fights. Just a recommendation though

So here is the trick.
Go to the First Hero. Use the Chemist’s last move to deal substantial amounts of damage, making the fight easier. Now go to the tent buy a revive and revive the first hero. Rinse and repeat. Ps. Don’t spend all of the gold in bulk, because you still need a lot of gold to kill the first hero. After the 10000 gold mark, which you will get by the 3th attempt. You one shot the boss. Also, the reason why 50K is max is because the gold given by the first hero caps at 5013 gold, after that using the chemist’s skill is non profitable. As you will throw away 5000+ gold. However, you can spend the gold, then go back again.

Ps. Enemies scale to your level, so if you have level 5 characters in your team then the First Hero might, have more than 5k hp. Also, he is a bit stronger after he is revived. Granting more gold, only the first revival, after that he keeps the same strength and gold.

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