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Paradise Lust Gabby’s Quest Guide

Contains all of the current quests and how to complete them for Gabby.

Gabby’s Quests

Casual Networking

Quest Description: Gabby needs help with the WiFi

  • Look for Gabby in the Lagoon’s Control Room.
  • You’ll be asked to get a Solder for Gabby, you can purchase one from Karen for 1 Sex Chip.
  • Return to Gabby to initiate a minigame and that will finish the quest.

Casual Networking, Pt. 2

Quest Description: Gabby needs help with other things…?

  • Meet Gabby on the Tower Path during the Evening.
  • Head inside the Control Room and click on the computer to initiate a minigame.
  • Once you’re done with it, head up the tower to finish the quest and you’ll obtain Gabby’s Panties.


Quest Description: Show Magazine to Gabby

  • Give the magazine to Gabby who is in the Tower Path’s Control Room.
  • Complete the map minigame and you’ll gain access to the Ridge area.

More Than Smeat

Quest Description: Get Computer Components

  • Head over to the Resort and talk to Karen, finish the dialogue and you’ll trigger a minigame. This will trigger another quest in which you’ll need to wait for another day before talking to her again.
  • Once you have purchased the item, return to Gabby and you’ll trigger another minigame and finish the quest.

Anyone Out There?

Quest Description: Wait for Any Response

  • Wait for 5 Days and Gabby will message you and complete the quest.

Refractor the Camera

Quest Description: Get Camera Widget for Gabby

  • Talk to Karen and purchase the Widget for 3 Sex Chips.
  • Once you got the Widgets, return to Gabby and you’ll trigger a minigame. Finish it and you’ll complete the quest.

Distress Call

Quest Description: Make sure Gabby doesn’t actually hurt Mi Sun.

  • When you receive this quest, it will automatically progress and complete itself.

I Swear It’s Not P*rn!

Quest Description: Film Gabby

  • Meet Raven at the Hidden Cove to Film Gabby during the Day. This will initiate a minigame and upon completion, will also finish the quest.
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