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Pathfinder Kingmaker: Areas and Resources

Areas and Resources

RegionSettlementAreasQuest-triggered AreasBook EventsResources
Shrike HillsTuskdale

A Ford across the Skunk River

Ancient Tomb

Arbor Rock

Nettle’s Crossing

Old Mesa

Old Sycamore

Ratnook Hill

Riverine Rise

Thorn River Bank

Trail in the Hills

Bald Hilltop

Hunting Grounds

Hunting Lodge

Pine Patch

Poachers’ Hideout

Stag Lord’s Fort

Travelers’ Camp

Varisian Caravan

Waterlogged LowlandsAncient River Bed (Economy +2)

Coal Mine (Community +2)

Excavation Site (Culture +1)

Fertile Land (Loyalty +1)

Flat-Topped Hill (Military +2)

OutskirtsTradegardFangberry Cave

Old Oak

Oleg’s Trading Post

Thorn Ford

Two-Rivers Field

Abandoned Hut

Inconsequent Debates

Wererat Lair

Blackberry Meadow (Loyalty +1)

Moist Basin (Loyalty +1)

Old Outpost (Military +2)

South NarlmarchesNarlkeep

Bandit Camp

Candlemere Tower

Cave from Luna’s Map

Hodag Lair

Lone House

Monster Den

Ruined Watchtower

Swamp Witch’s Hut

Cave from Luna’s Map

Goblin Clearing

? / Kobold Camp

Kobold Trail

Lizardfolk Village

Dwarven Ruins / Troll Wilderness

Troll Clearing

Whitish Hills

Abandoned Laboratory (Arcane +2)

Remnants of Dwarven Fortifications (Military +3)

North NarlmarchesTatzlfordGlade in the Wilderness

Temple of the Elk

Three-Pine Islet

Druids’ Refuge

Fey Glade

Lost Dwarven Fortress

Six Bears Camp

Technic League Encampment

Tuskgutter’s Lair

Ancient Obelisk (Arcane +2)

Ruins of an Old Temple (Culture +1)

KamelandsShambling Steps

Bald Stones

Bridge over the Gudrin River

Empty Skull Rock

Secluded Lodge

Wolf Lair

Goblin Fort

Goblin Village

Hidden Camp

Mud Bowl

Secret Sanctum

Shrine of Lamashtu

Lonely MillIron Mine (Community +2)

Refugee Camp (Community +1)

Sapphire Fields (Economy +3)

Scenic Locale (Culture +2)


Dragonleaf Gulch

Ghost Stone

Ironstone Gully

Lake Silverstep Village

Lonely Barrow

Precipice Trail

Silverstep Grove

Womb of Lamashtu

Lover’s Grave (Culture +3)

Mountain Trout (Loyalty +2)

Old Storage (Culture +1)

River Guards’ Camp (Military +1)


Ancient Mine

Crooked Teeth

Hilltop Trail

Overgrown Pool

Rotten Cave

Sepulchre of Forgotten Heroes

Spider Lair

Talon Peak

Unfinished Clearing

Dark Cult Cave

Technic League Hideout

Shallow GulchAmphitheater (Culture +2)

High Cliff (Military +2)

Obsidian Stele (Arcane +2)

Silver Deposit (Economy +2)

DunswardPlainsgardBlood Furrows

City of Hollow Eyes

Kellid Barbarian Camp

Rinderpest Burial Ground

Ruined TowerFairy Ring (Arcane +2)

Gem Quarry (Economy +3)

Tors of LeveniesThe Peak

Collapsed Passage

Gates to the Valley of the Dead

Linnorm’s Grave

Little Sellen Source

Shivering Glade

Vordakai’s TombForsaken MoundAstronomical Observatory (Arcane +2, Culture +2)

Magic Circle (Arcane +5)

Ore Vein (Economy +3)

Sculpture Garden (Arcane +2, Culture +2)

Dire NarlmarchesDireburg

Baneful Bog

Brown Baldhead

Dappled Quagmire

Saint Galvan’s Gullet

Sunny Hillock

Swamp Ruins

Tenacious Marsh

Verdant Chambers

Mage Tower (Arcane +5)

Charred Ruins

Country Road

Desecrated Cairn

Fossil Fields

Giant’s Palm

Mysterious Shrine

Raspberry Gully

Serpent Trail

Two-Faced Hill

Wicked Field

Armag’s Tomb

Flintrock Grassland

Six Bears Camp

Temple of Shelyn

Pike Stretch

Shrewish Gulch

Calm Bay (Loyalty +4)

Copper Mine (Community +3)

Precipice (Military +4)

Sunny Glade (Loyalty +3)


Giggling Hill

Middle of Nowhere

Mysterious Shrine

Ornate Ruins


Rushlight Fields

Wicked Hill

Elven Camp


Pitax River Bend

River Blades’ Camp

The Menagerie

Whiterose Abbey

Hemlock IslandAncient Mound (Military +3)

Bulrush Thicket (Loyalty +4)

Marble Quarry (Economy +5)

Steel Workshop (Community +3)

Sulfur Deposit (Community +3)

Thousand Voices

Carnival Glade

Castle of Knives

Forest Ballroom

Gnawed Rocks

Grocery Stalls

Ilthuliak’s Lair

Weeping Grove

Sharp Fangs Tribal Camp


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