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Pathfinder Kingmaker: Special Buildings

You may construct buildings to increase your realm stats. Each building has a cost in BP and a construction time and several buildings may be build simultaneously. To start construction, select a building you need from the list on the right side of the screen and place it in an empty slot in the settlement.

Buildings may provide special bonuses if you meet certain conditions (most commonly, two buildings must stand close together to grant the bonus). Make sure you use this feature to your full benefit when planning a settlement. Some buildings can be placed only in designated spots or areas. As examples, a pier must be built on water, and a mill must be built with no other buildings around it.”

Note that the cost of a building will increase for each additional one in the same settlement.

Demolish a building to get rid of it and recover half of the resources you spent on construction. If you want to move a building, you will have to demolish the old one (gaining half of the resources you spent on it) and construct it in the new desired slot for half the price. You won’t have to spend any extra BP, but you will have to wait for construction to finish in the new location.

Adviser choices are triggered when you reach every 20 points in a stat. The adviser will ask to see you in the throne room. They ask you if you’d like to build the building in question. You will be charged the BP for the building but then be able to build the first copy of that building for free.

Artisan are item creators. If you choose to build their building in your barony, they will periodically come to you in the throne room and give you items. If you upgrade their shops, they will produce more valuable items. They also trigger special Artisan quests to find items to crafted legendary items.

Adjacency diagram for early city planning:

Special Buildings

Assassin guild??????????????
Bardic CollegeC4150 1 11   8 Additional Culture Bonus depending on Culture Level.
Bokken’s Alchemical ShopV (Q)130          Artisan building. Adjacent to Tavern or Longhouse: +1 Economy.
    Bokken’s Alchemical WorkshopT1+45          Artisan building. Adjacent to Tavern or Longhouse: +1 Economy.
CastleC4???2????2??Settlement has Watchtower: +1 Espionage. Settlement has Garrison: +1 Military. Settlement has Jail: +1 Stability.
Crusaders´ CastleC4450336    8  Quest required. Counts as Castle.
Dragn’s Armor ShopV (A)130          Artisan building. Narlkeep only. Adjacent to Tavern or Longhouse: +1 Economy.
    Dragn’s Armor WorkshopT1           ?
Dwarven BastionCEx?1 3    2  Counts as Reinforced Wall.
Goblin QuarterT (Q)2175 -1  2    3Quest required.
HellKnight’s Castle??????????????
Irlene’s Magical Rarities ShopV (A)130          Artisan building. Tuskdale only. Adjacent to Tavern or Longhouse: +1 Economy.
    Irlene’s Magical Rarities WorkshopT1???????????Artisan building. Tuskdale only. Adjacent to Tavern or Longhouse: +1 Economy.
Justiciaries’ Garrison??????????????
Kobold QuarterT (Q)2175 -1  3    3Quest required.
Magical Academy??????????????
Military Academy??????????????
Nobel’s VillaC2 (S)2363   3    3Must be build on seperate slot.
PalaceC4300??????????Adjacent to City Hall: +3 Community and +1 Relations.
Adjacent to Grand Temple or Cathedral: +3 Community and +1 Divine.
Adjacent to Park or Secret Grove: +3 Community and +1 Loyalty.
Adjacent to Citadel or Palace: +3 Community and +1 Military.
Pathfinder Lodge??????????????
Shaynih’a’s Shop of Exotic CuriositiesV (Q)130          Artisan building. Narlkeep only. Adjacent to Tavern or Longhouse: +1 Economy.
    Shaynih’a’s Workshop of Exotic CuriositiesT?1+75??????????Artisan building. Adjacent to Tavern or Longhouse: +1 Economy.
Swordlord’s Academy??????????????
Temple of Abadar??????????????
Temple of Asmodeum??????????????
Temple of Cayden Cailean??????????????
Thieves guild??????????????
Troll Quarter?(Q)????????????Quest required.
UniversityC2200    111 1 Unlocks at Culture VII, Requires Library

Upgrading Buildings

Upgrading buildings have increased stat bonus. They also often gain new adjacency or “if in settlement” abilities. For example, a Barracks upgraded to a Garrison adds an additional +1 Military bonus. Another example is upgrading a Tavern to an Inn adds “Adjacent to Town Hall +2 Relations / Adjacent to City Hall +3 Relations”. When you have enough build points to upgrade the building and the Village has been upgraded to a Town, you can upgrade a building by clicking on it, then clicking upgrade.

– Upgrading buildings take no time.

– Upgraded buildings inherit the affected buildings bonus from the previous levels.

– Indentation means a building is upgraded from the building listed above it.

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