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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Where to Find Magister and Warden


Magister influences the Magic stat of your domain. This value is affected by the selected advisor’s Intelligence modifier.

Possible Magisters are:

  • Octavia — will join your team after you free her (along with Regongar) from Technic League during the first chapter. Alignment: chaotic good.
  • The Storyteller — after you defeat Stag Lord, a man will appear in the throne room and offer his services. Alignment: true neutral.
  • Vordakai — if your character is close to the evil alignment, you can take Vordakai with you after defeating him. Alignment: neutral evil.


This position influences the Stability stat of your barony. It depends on the Constitution modifier of the chosen advisor.

Possible Wardens are:

  • Ekundayo — will join your team after the troll invasion begins, and you visit the Ruined Watchtower location. Alignment: lawful good.
  • Regongar — will join your team after you release him (along with Octavia) from the Technic League. Alignment: chaotic evil.
  • Kesten Garess — you will run into him during the battle against Stag Lord. Alignment: lawful neutral. If you do not return to the capital during the Bloom, Kesten will die.

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