Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Arueshalae Quest Guide

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

A Demon’s Heresy: A rare specimen: a turncoat demoness. A succubus who has betrayed the forces of evil, hoping to change her own vicious nature. The crusaders don’t trust her – and for good reason, since even she can’t fully trust herself. Will a monster who has stepped on the thorny path of redemption travel it to the end?”

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Arueshalae Quest Guide

Borrowed Dreams Walkthrough

  • Talk to Arueshalae about her dream.
  • Ask the people of Drezen about their dreams. (Easily missed: Hilor is at the 2nd floor of the Inn, Klaem is between Seelah and the temple.)
  • Talk to Arueshalae and visit her dream again.

Dreams in Ruin Walkthrough

  • After talking to Arueshalae, take her to the Dimalchio’s mansion in Upper City.
  • The Mansion is located right above the entry point of Upper City, called enchanted Mansion. 
  • Once you enter the Mansion, Dimalchio will try to sway Arueshalae out of her path. You need to help Arueshalae stay strong and fight Dimalchio’s influence.
  • After that, defeat Dimalchio and his mercernaries.
  • Talk to Arueshalae again and receive quest Time to Think.

Time to Think Walkthrough

  • Once the quest Dreams in Ruin is complete, Arueshalae will ask you to give her a few days to think.
  • After a few days, when you back to Nexus, Arueshalae will ask you to go into her dream again.
  • This quest is very import to Arueshalae romance, don’t kiss her yet. Agree to enter her dream, and guard her during her sleep.
  • Talk to the ghosts in Arueshalae’s dream.
  • When you wake up, talk to Arueshalae.

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  1. This doesn’t work. Following all the steps, Aru looks and smiles sadly at you once you exhaust dialog options after finding her dream and making her a mortal.

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