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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Greybor Quest Guide

How to Recruit Greybor
You can recruit Greybor from the quest The Dragon Hunt

Greybor Quest Guide

  • The Dragon Hunt
  • A Matter of Reputation

The Dragon Hunt Walkthrough

After you take Drezen, go to the tavern in the upper right corner of Drezen and find the dwarf Greybor. The same one you met in the Estrod tower. Hire him to hunt the dragon. You have to pay him 2500 gold. He will appear among your Companions.

Travel west with Greybor. On the way to Grimwood, you will be attacked by a dragon. Defeat her. Get to Grimwood, talk to Greybor and ambush the dragon.

She will flee, leaving a trail of blood behind her. Leave the location. On the right, under Drezen, a location will appear, which is called the Blood Trail.

Once you reach there, you need to pass a few checks to realize that the dragon has gone south. Note that if you fail the first two checks there won’t be major consequences, but failing the third one, (Athletics 31), will spawn the party in front of the dragon, making it an easy target for her fire. Go down from blood trail to Artisan’s Tower.

You need to pass several more checks before you finally reach the tower, you can let Greybor do them for you.

The dragon can be found with the Storyteller, if you stay there long enough you can hear the Storyteller telling the stories of Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Ambush the dragon, do not let her flee. She will fly to the second-floor. Focus your whole party on her to prevent her fleeing. If she manages to escape, she will burn the Storyteller’s books and the Quest will fail.

You can find some scrolls in the tower, and some Mandragora below the ruin’s basement. Important loot includes Bracers of Abrupt Onslaught and a Half of the Pair Amulet. To progress the quest, you need to find the Elven Notes

You can recruit Greybor permanently as a party member. To do so, you have to pay him 12500 Gold coins.

Head to Drezen’s Citadel and meet up with the Storyteller. Hand the Elven Notes to him to learn more about his past. If you have Terendelev’s Claw you can give it to him, leading him to reveal Terendelev’s Lair, an important place if you want to unlock the Dragon Mythic Path.

The hunt is over. The crusaders will never again be disturbed by the dragon’s deadly rampages, and people no longer look to the sky in fear.

A Matter of Reputation Walkthrough

  • After talking with Greybor, take him to Willodus’ mansion, which is located in the northern area of Upper City, past Palace of Incest and Degenerqacy.
  • Once you interact with the mansion’s front door, you will trigger an event describing what you find inside it. You will need to pass multiple skill checks in order to get out alive.
  • After you finished the exploration of the mansion. Willodus and his follower will wait you outside.
  • A demoness called Horzalah appears once Willodus is killed, inviting Greybor to the Assassin’s Guild.
  • The Assassin;s Guild is at Middle City, below the Ten Thousand Delights. Enter the guild, and speak with Horzalah.
    • If you chose to accept the money and let Greybor join the Assassin’s guild, he will respect you more.
    • if you chose to fight you can claim 2 +5 unique daggers (Merciful Fate, Cruel Fate) by sparring Yozz. Moreover you will learn that it was Horzalah‘s plan all along to get the chief position.
  • Go Back to the nexus to talk to Greybor and finish the quest.

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