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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Treading on Corpses Walkthrough

The Midnight Isles, Lady Nocticula’s realm, is a dark place even amidst the grim madness of the Abyss. Everyone who sets foot on this land is treading on the corpses of those who once opposed the Lady in Shadow – for the islands were created out of the bodies of her slain enemies. In this place, cunning, self-interest, boldness, and eternal midnight reign supreme.

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Those responsible for mining Nahyndrian crystals and shipping them to Golarion are lurking somewhere in this place. Their efforts are transforming the demonic legions into a wave of chaos capable of obliterating everyithing in its path. The Commander has left his homeworld and descended to the Abyss on a mission – to find and out a stop to them.

Treading on Corpses Walkthrough

  • Explore Nexus. (There are 2 portal keys in the cave, one near Suture, one above the succubi.)
  • In order to secure an audience with Nocticula, you need to complete quest The Art of Making Friends.
  • Speaking with Areelu and Nocticula, learn what really happened to you. You will gain another mythic level whether or not you decide to take the power Areelu gives you, however if you cooperate with Areelu you want secret ending.
  • You can find the second part of Lexicon of paradox in House of Silken Shadows (on a bookshelf in small lab). You can give it to Nocticula for reward, or keep it for yourself. (you need 2 parts of lexicon for secret ending.)
  • If you already collected 2 parts of Lexicon, you can try to decipher it. You need to pass all knowledge/lore/perception checks in order to find out its content. You will gain large amount of XP of finding out its content. (You can show it to the council, they won’t take it away.)
  • If you decide to work with Nocticula, she will open a portal for you and provide you a ship, so you can hunt down Baphomet’s daughter Hepzamirah. Otherwise, you need to find a ship by self, you can try talk to the captains in Fleshmarkets and Bad Luck Tavern. 
  • Note, once you left Alushinyrra, there’s no turning back, so finish the quests here before you leave.
  • If you work with Nocticula, you can ask her to send some troops to protect Nexus.
  • Before you leave, make sure you have completed all the quests in Abyss, otherwise they will fail.
  • The journey to Colyphyr Mines is represented in descriptive event, you need to pass multiple checks to reach there safely.

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