Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Staunton Vhane Build

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Staunton Vhane Build

Staunton somehow has gotten worse for the launch version of the game, taking more weak feats in the early stages. Guess it fits his tendency of making bad decisions in life.

He could afford some tankiness, so I gave it to him. Give him a reach weapon and keep him away from the frontline and it should be fine; Shield Spell Infusion will go a long way if he were to occasionally take a hit.

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Greater Vital Strike on Warpriests is nice. Monk is there for free Perfect Strike mostly because it’s amazing with Greater Vital Strike.

Generally, he’s pretty weak and that can’t really be helped.

Staunton Vhane Build

Starting Info
Mobility 3 // Religion
15 > 181871412
Final Build
WarpriestStalwart DefenderMonk (Quarterstaff Master)Fighter
Leveling Guide
11Warpriest – Greater Weapon Focus: Glaive
12Warpriest – Weapon Specialization: Glaive
13Monk – Outflank // Crane Style
15Warpriest – Shatter Defenses
16Warpriest – Cleaving Finish
17Warpriest – Improved Critical: Glaive
18Fighter – Vital Strike
19Stalwart – Improved Vital Strike
20Fighter – Greater Vital Strike
Spell Priority
1Divine Favor, Magic Weapon, Shield of Faith
2Align Weapon, Effortless Armor, Restoration (Lesser), Remove Paralysis, +stat spells
3Magical Vestment, Animate Dead, Resist Energy (Communal)
4Crusader’s Edge, Divine Power, Restoration, Freedom of Movement, Protection from Energy (Communal)
5Breath of Life, Righteous Might, True Seeing, Spell Resistance, Angelic Aspect
6Harm, Inspiring Recovery, True Seeing (Communal)
Mythic Path
1Thundering Blows
2Weapon Focus (Mythic)
3Ever Ready
4Weapon Specialization (Mythic)
5Leading Strike
6Improved Critical: Glaive
7Abundant Casting
8Power Attack (Mythic)
9Improved Abundant Casting
10Vital Strike (Mythic)

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