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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous The Dragon’s Fate Walkthrough

Silver dragons are considered one of the most noble of the metallic dragons. They commonly possess traits such as kindness, devotion, and a desire to fight injustice. However, Terendelev, the protector of Kenabres, did not always exemplify such qualities. The Storyteller’s gift reveal the mystery of her fate. But shouldn’t some secrets remain untold?

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The Dragon’s Fate Walkthrough

  • You can find some scales of Terendelev after you have fallen to the underground of Market Square, during Day of the City.
  • The claw of Terendelev can be found at Leper’s Smile (in the cave).
  • After you turn the claw and scales to Storyteller (he can be saved in the quest The Dragon Hunt), the location of Terendelev’s Lair will be revealed.
  • Travel to that location, after you defeat the enemies, spare the survivor. Then the golden dragon will reveal his true form, thus unlock the Gold Dragon Mythic Path.

The fate of Terendelev and her mentor Halaseliax has been revealed. It was undoubtedly a valuable lesson for all who aspire to join the crusades for reason of heroism and the so-called “triumph of justice.” Even for dragons, it is nearly impossible to escape a painful death in the Wound. Terendelev triumphed due to her indomitable dragon spirit. But who else possesses such strong power of will…

The Dragon’s Fate Objectives

Find something else that once belonged to Terendelev
Terendelev’s scale shed some light on the fate of the protector of Kenabres, but much remains unknown. To earn the full story, you must find something else that once belonged to Terendelev.

Find Terendelev’s Lair
The Storyteller spoke of a place near Wintersun, where Terendelev was cured of corruption. But how was she saved? Perhaps the answer can be found there.

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