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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous The Final Threshold Walkthrough

Time and time again do paths and fates interweave in an infinity symbol. The point where its lines intersect is Threshold, the fortress and prison. Once a jail for Sarkorian mages, it became the birthplace of the Worldwound. And here, where it all began, is where it must come to an end. I hope you are ready, Commander.

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The Final Threshold Walkthrough

After you have done all the preparations, travel to threshold:

  • Acquired at least 1 New Nahyndrian Crystal. (Use Midnight Bolt on Demon Lords) You can acquire at least 4 by now (Deskari, Baphomet, Areshkagal and Nocticula), 5 if you attack Socothbenoth.
  • Make sure you used the secret keys found in Iz to explore the secret region of Areelu’s Lab. Acquired her note and finished the crusade project to research it.
  • Fully explored Ineluctable Prison, you should be able to talk to Hepzamirah’s Ghost after you dealt with the Hand of the Inheritor.
  • Save the map in Pulura’s Falls, and complete it’s crusade project.
  • Max your crusade ranks. (This is not required for secret ending, just for better ending slideshow)
  • Complete storyteller’s quest In Pursuit of the Past, After the quest is marked complete. Give the storyteller another Elven note to learn that Areelu learned the methods to open worldwound from him.

You allies will aid you in this fight. Before you go inside the fort, rest the team and level up all your companions. Later the unselected companions need to hold the entrance of the fort.

Inside the fort, free Imezlen or fight him to reveal the portal to Areelu’s demi-plane.

If you want thesecret ending, you need convince her that you are her child. That requires you answered all her questions in ENTIRE game to gain enough approval, and show mercy to Suture. You also need New Nah crystals, the knowledge that demonlords can be summoned, and Lexicon of Paradox.

The final threshold has been crossed. This long, long experiment can finally be brought to a close.

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