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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous The Wayward Walkthrough

An insane preacher telling a laughing crowd about love, kindness, and nobility of spirit. An ordinary sight in the streets — every city has its idiots. Oftentimes, when the crowd grows tired of listening to sermons, it finds a new entertainment by dragging the preacher to the stake. But this girl has already been tossed on the pyre and survived, and despite it all, she continues to appeal to the people’s better nature. Will she achieve more than others of her ilk? Who’s to say…

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The Wayward Walkthrough

  • Talk to Ember when she is preaching to people at Drezen square.
  • After some time, a woman appears and reports to you that Ember is taken by the cultists. You need to go to the Baphomet’s Shrine to save her.
  • Travel to Baphomet’s Shrine, you need to defeat the demons with cultists to free Ember, afterwards, you may decide what to do with these cultists. (Don’t forget to search for loot before you leave, in one of the chests near the shrine, there is a Blazing Crown.)

Preaching to demon lords — what delightful impudence! Well, if there is anything redeeming about insanity, it is ignorance of boundaries it brings, the refusal to accept the existence of limits. It usually leads the insane to a pitiful death, and, very rarely, to an incredible breakthrough, one that could never be made by rational folk who know what is possible and impossible. The little preacher already has her own congregation, who revere her as something akin to a saint. What will she achieve next?

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