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Payday 2 How to get the Almir Mask

Do you know of the Almir mask? Do you want it? Do you not know how to get it? Well, in this guide I’ll help you with it.

Payday 2 How to get the Almir Mask

The requirements

  • a Starbreeze Nebula account
  • a Twitch account
  • a Steam account (duh)

All of these need to be linked together through Nebula.

How to do it

  1. Find a Payday 2 stream with Twitch Drops enabled
  2. Watch the stream for at least 30 minutes
  3. Claim your drop
  4. Done!
  5. (optional) If your drop didn’t get added to your in-game inventory automatically, go to the Nebula website
  6. Go to the linked accounts section
  7. Click the re-claim your drops button
  8. Done!

Please note that the Almir mask loot drop works only until august 23rd 2023, so if you’re trying to do it after that, RIP for you bud.

The painful way

If you refuse to create a Nebula and/or Twitch account(s), for whatever reason, or are trying do get the Almir mask after august 23rd 2023 (RIP), there you go.

Honestly, good luck bud

  • Try looking for a key online
  • Watch out for potential scammers
  • Think deeply of what you’re doing if you’re gonna pay a lot for the mask, that money could probably go towards way more important stuff.
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Fun fact: This mask has quite of a cult following around it. Such following is big enough that there’s even a Steam Group formed around it.

Thanks for reading and hope the Almir mask suits you well!

Written by hubertuss

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