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Phasmophobia Items Unlock Levels (Update 2.0)

You a lazy gamer like me? Well, I made a list of what items unlock at which levels in order from lowest levels to highest levels. This was mostly for myself so I wouldn’t have to continuously click on individual items to hunt down what I unlocked at each new level, but decided to share in case others wanted something like this. Lemme know if there are any mistakes or etc. (I don’t know if there’s a way to see something like this in game but I couldn’t find anything personally so thus this list was born)

Items Unlocked at Different Levels

From Lowest Level to Highest.

Photo Camera Tier 1Level 3
Motion Sensor Tier 1Level 5
Parabolic Microphone Tier 1Level 7
Crucifix Tier 1Level 8
Salt Tier 1Level 9
Tripod Tier 1Level 10
Sound Sensor Tier 1Level 11
Igniter Tier 1Level 12
Head Gear Tier 1Level 13
Incense Tier 1Level 14
Sanity Medication Tier 1Level 16
Flashlight Tier 2Level 19
EMF Tier 2Level 20
UV Light Tier 2Level 21
Ghost Book Tier 2Level 23
Photo Camera Tier 2Level 25
Spirit Box Tier 2Level 27
DOTS Projector Tier 2Level 29
Parabolic Microphone Tier 2Level 31
Sound Sensor Tier 2Level 32
Video Camera Tier 2Level 33
Tripod Tier 2Level 34
Flashlight Tier 3Level 35
Thermometer Tier 2Level 36
Crucifix Tier 2Level 37
Sanity Medication Tier 2Level 39
Motion Sensor Tier 2Level 45
Head Gear Tier 2Level 49
EMF Tier 3Level 52
Spirit Box Tier 3Level 54
UV Light Tier 3Level 56
Igniter Tier 3Level 57
Sound Sensor Tier 3Level 58
DOTS Projector Tier 3Level 60
Video Camera Tier 3Level 61
Tripod Tier 3Level 62
Ghost Book Tier 3Level 63
Thermometer Tier 3Level 64
Salt Tier 3Level 68
Photo Camera Tier 3Level 70
Parabolic Microphone Tier 3Level 72
Motion Sensor Tier 3Level 74
Sanity Medication Tier 3Level 77
Candle Tier 3Level 79
Head Gear Tier 3Level 82
Incense Tier 3Level 85
Crucifix Tier 3Level 90
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Written by Amoladpog

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