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Phoenix Point Sniper Skills Guide

Skills in Phoenix Point are special abilities that provide unique Active or Passive abilities. Each Class has 7 fixed skills (one for each level) and 3 random skills. Skills can be unlocked by spending Skill Points. At level 4 units will be able to access a second class.

How Skills Work

Skills can be Passive or Active abilities that units can use in battle. Active abilities usually require Will Points to be performed while Passive abilities are triggered automatically.

Acquiring Skills

Skills are restricted by unit level and Skills Points are required to unlock them. Each class has 7 base Skills and 3 random skills that they can unlock.

At level 4 Units will be able to select a second class unlocking their weapon proficiency and accessing all the base skills for that Class. Skill Points will still be required to unlock those Skills.

Sniper Basic Skills

There are 7 Sniper Basic Skills, and they are restricted by level. When a Sniper unit levels up it will be able to unlock a new Basic Skill by spending Skill Points. Below you can find a list of all Sniper Basic Skills in Phoenix Point.

Lvl 1
Sniper Training
Proficiency whit sniper rifles and handguns.

Lvl 2
Extreme Focus
Overwacht cost is reduced by 1 Action Point.

Lvl 3
Quick Aim
The Action Point cost of the next shot whit a proficient weapon is reduced by 1, and the accuracy is increased by 25%

Lvl 4
New Class
Choose a secondary class to train in.

Lvl 5
Master Marksman
Accuracy whit proficient weapon is increased by 50% while there are no spotted enemies within 10 tiles.

Lvl 6
Weak Spot
Disabling a body part also removes that body part’s armor

Lvl 7
Mark For Death
Mark enemy target. Until end of the turn all damage to that target is increased by 50%.

Random Skills

Random Skills in Phoenix Point are abilities that are shared among all units. Each unit have 3 Random Skills assigned from the pool. These skills are randomly assigned to any level from 1 to 7 and units will still need to spend Skill Points to unlock them.

Gain Mounted Weapon proficiency with +20% range and damage.

Gain Heavy Weapon proficiency with +30% bonus damage and -10 Perception.

25% Bonus stealth and -2 Speed.

Grenade Proficiency
Proficiency whit Grenades at +10% range

Self Defense Specialist
Gain PDW and Handgun proficiency with +20 damage dealt and +10 hearing range.

Gain Sniper Rifle proficiency with +25% damage and -4 Willpower.

Gain Assault Rifle proficiency with +20% Damage and accuracy.

Additional +2 to Willpower

All attacks that damage a target also inflict 1 viral damage (per bullet)

20% bonus accuracy and -10 damage dealt.

Additional +2 to Willpower and 10 Perception range

30% bonus damage dealt and -20% accuracy.

+25% bonus carry weight and +2 Strengh.

+50% bonus Grenade rang and +2 Speed.

Close Quarters Specialist
Gain Shotgunand Melee Weapon proficiency with +20% damage.

+50% bonus healing and +2 willpower.

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