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Plan B: Terraform Supply Chains and Ratios

All the numbers for how its made from basic materials to top tech.

Whats here….

Below are tables of production and resource demand to keep 1 production building active at max capacity for 1 in game year.

These figures DON’T take into account bottlenecks with Transport or insufficient drones.

I have collected all the number right down to how many extractors are needed to run a Composite factory, or a Pumping Station.
However keeping that all neat and readable means i can only add in Raw material extraction rates for the more basic resources. If you like me to add a section that just lists extraction types and rates for everything i can do that. eg –

Composite basic resource extraction is:

  • 120 Iron – 8 Excavators
  • 10 Nitrogen – 2 Ice Extractors
  • 90 Carbon – 7.5 Atmospheric Extractors

Pumping Station:

  • 72 Sulfur – 4.8 Excavators
  • 72 Iron – 4.8 Excavators
  • 16 Alum Ore – 1.06 Excavators
  • 12 carbon – 1 Atmospheric Extractor

All info presented was collected by hand from a completed game, on the first early access version and as such is subject to change or error.

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I will try to present a lot of numbers and information in the neatest and most readable way i can.

Basic Raw Material production rates.

Raw Materials are mined with an Excavator on mineral fields or specialist buildings that become unlocked during the game.

Production Rates are given in produced Per game year

Raw ResourceExtraction RateExtractor
Aluminum Ore15Excavator
carbon12Atmospheric Extractor
O212Atmospheric Extractor
Nitrogen5Ice Extractor
Water5Ice Extractor
Water30Water Pump

Factory Production

Most game resources are produced in the factory,

Product rate is given in Produced per Game year.
For raw resources the number of extractors is listed in the Factory’s column.

ProductProducedResource 1FactorysResource 2Factorys
Steel3090 Iron6 Excavator
Concrete3090 Sulfur6 Excavator
Aluminum Bar3060 Aluminum Ore4 Excavator
Mechanical Parts3030 Steel1
Reinforced Concrete3030 Concrete130 Steel1
Polymer3090 Carbon7.5 Atmospheric
Hightech Parts9060 Aluminum230 Polymer1
Compost3060 Carbon5 Atmospheric
30 Nitrogen6 Ice Extractor
Tempered Steel90120 Steel430 Nitrogen6 Ice Extractor
Composite3030 Tempered Steel0.3330 Polymer1

Recycling Production

The amount of recyclable Waste will increase over time as the cities get bigger.
You can see its yearly Waste amount by selecting the Waste Disposal building.

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While the Waste Disposal will fill with all types of waste you can process it from diffrent waste disposal buildings so don’t feel pressured into fitting all the outputs into just one area.

All forms of waste are processed with the Recycling Plant.

Production rates are given in Produced per Game year

Output 1Output 2WasteResourceFactory
60 Steel30 Aluminum180 Metal
30 Polymer60 Plastic
30 Compost5 Organic30 Nitrogen6 Ice Extractor

Greenhouse – Keeping people fed.

Greenhouse has the Sole purpose of making food for the big cities and the only current consumer of water. All inputs can be traced to Raw resources.

Table shows everything to be Self Sustaining.

Production rates Given in Production per Game year

ProducedResource 1SourceResource 2Factory
60 Food120 Water4 Water Pump
24 Ice Extractor
30 Compost1 Factory
1 Recycle Plant

Required Compost

ProducedResource 1FactorysResource 2Factorys
30 Compost60 Carbon5 Atmospheric Extractor30 Nitrogen6 Ice Extractors
30 Compost150 Organic WasteCity Waste30 Nitrogen6 Ice Extractors


This section is for things that make the planet a nicer place to live. Greenhouse gases and pretty green trees.

ProductResource 1FactorysResource 2Factorys
30 NF330 Nitrogen6 Ice Extractor30 Fluorite2 Excavator
30 SF630 Sulfer2 Excavator30 Fluorite2 Excavator
12 Pine Tree36 Carbon3 Atmospheric Extractor12 Water2.4 Ice Extractor
0.4 Water Pump
12 Eucalyptus Tree36 Carbon3 Atmospheric Extractor12 Water2.4 Ice Extractor
0.4 Water Pump


Do you really want to have your buildings being made at full tilt? Well here are the numbers anyway..

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AmountBuildingResource 1FactorysResource 2Factory
12Excavators36 Steel1.2
12Factory30 Machanical Parts1
12Assembly Plant30 Machanical Parts1
12Depot MK136 Steel1.2
12Depot MK230 Aluminum Bar130 Polymer Bar1
12Depot MK324 Composite0.8
12Supply Center48 Concrete1.33
12Waste Disposal12 Concrete0.4
12Atmospheric Extractor36 Mechanical Parts1.212 Aluminum Bars0.4
12Recycle Center12 Concrete0.4012 Hightech Parts0.13
12Ice Extractor24 Reinforced Concrete0.824 Mechanical parts0.8
12Greenhouse24 Steel0.836 Polymer Bar1.2
12Pumping Station24 Reinforced Concrete0.812 Hightech Parts0.13
Gas Generator
36 Mechanical Parts1.212 Hightech Parts0.13
12Dam Element24 Reinforced Concrete0.8
12Landmark Tower36 Concrete1.2


Building what we need to move all the other stuff.

AmountItemResource 1FactoryResource 2Factory
48Road48 Concrete1.6
12Road Stop24 Concrete0.8
12Truck24 Mechanical Part0.8
96Rail12 Concrete0.412 Steel0.4
12Rail Stop12 Concrete0.412 Steel0.4
12Train48 Mechanical Part1.648 Hightech Part0.53


I’m glad thats over, It took far to long fixing spelling errors and formatting. (for some reason i kept marking mechanical parts as 3 steel instead of 1 so that got confusing)

Still i hope it helped just a little if so it was worth the time.

Remember all Info taken from the First Early Access version so subject to change.

its a shame i couldn’t fit all my gathered info into nice neat tables but my notes are not exactly user friendly.

12 pumping station – 2 reinforced concrete, 1 hightech parts – 24 reinforced concrete(0.8), 12 hightech parts(0.13) – 24 concrete(0.8), 24 steel(0.8),8 Alum(0.26) 4 polymer(0.13) – 72 sulfer 4.8 exv, 72 iron 4.8 exv, 16 alum ore 1.06 exv, 12 carbon 1 atmos

But if you think a total breakdown like this would be useful id certainly consider it.

Written by Omniconda

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