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Project Zomboid Base location to survive longer

Project Zomboid Base location to survive longer

Struggling to survive long enough to get started? I might have just the right base location for you to at least make it long enough to level up your survival skills.

Why this location?

Usually most of the community folks/guides would suggest you to spawn in either Rosewood or Riverside, as those two are considered relatively easier location to begin with. The idea is to survive at least long enough so you could arm yourself up before dying in the middle of horde.

Sometimes even rosewood/riverside can be challenging as new player that’s why i’d like to introduce a location that i personally relied upon for a couple of runs in my early days. The idea was as most of the zed population resides in urban areas(because most of the loot was there), what if we start up in a rural location? Rural locations offer you more safety, farming head start and possibly endless supply of water at the cost of longer travels to main areas of your favourite cities to loot supplies.

Note: The idea is to give you some time to level up your skills before the zed pop hits peak so you have some fighting chance if you are really struggling with your regular spawns/bases. Obviously you will move out at one point to a much more challenging location later on or not maybe you started enjoying farming. Let’s not forget B42 is nearby where these farm locations might as well become a priority as base locations .

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Base Location

Base location to survive longer

Map Link: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#8974x9194x3085


1. Water

Nearby well ensures endless supply of fresh water.

2. Food

There’s two big warehouses nearby with loads of fresh produce, in my opinion try to grab potato sacks if you can because it has a longer shelf life.

3. Skills

You can train a bunch of skills here such as farming due to large farmlands, water supply and tools.
You can also set traps here which can train your trapping skills and lastly foraging as well.

4. Zero pop

I never saw a zed roam by to this farmhouse ever, even with a chopper on your head.

5. Space

There’s so much space to work with that you can work on your builder projects in peace and a lot of trees.

Here’s what i built on my last stay:

Base location to survive longer


1. Need a vehicle

It’s a bit far usually from your spawn location so you need to get a vehicle in order to make it here.
You can either wait for the chopper event before leaving your spawn base or head here right away once you find a vehicle.

2.Longer travels

This one’s self explanatory but when you make runs to town sometimes you have to sleep in your car if you get caught by bad weather or plan to loot early morning with recharged stamina and sleep bars. I’d advice to carry enough water/food for that.

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3. Narrow roads

If you often find yourself crashing into trees, be careful while going back and forth if you plan to make this location as your base. I crashed a lot of times either into crashed vehicles, sharp turns or me just being a bad driver in general.

Tip: If you find a crashed vehicle on road that you often travel, do yourself a favor and just tow it to side of road.

How to make it here?

I personally spawn in muldraugh as it’s pretty much the closest town to this spot. Loot around nearby houses for a couple of days. Getting a car should be on the priority list before chopper strikes. Once you have that you can wait around till chopper hits or just go to this spot and start the grind.

Base location to survive longer

Red ones are usually spawn areas in muldraugh, Yellow one is our base location and Mccoy loggings is marked in blue where you can find plenty of tools and specially a bunch of vehicles if you don’t have any luck in your neighborhood.

If you have any feedback or more suggestions for such locations, feel free to comment.

Written by Alphabee

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