Red Dead Redemption 2 – Exploration and Missions Tips

Red Dead Redemption 2 FAQ



  • While completing the missions in the first chapter, you cannot freely explore the game world or engage in additional activities. The first chapter is an introduction to the game’s storyline, although some of the missions in this chapter also serve as tutorials, such as fighting or hunting for wild animals.
  • The game world opens in the second chapter, i.e. after leaving the camp in the mountains and reaching the camp at Horseshoe Overlook. From this point on, Arthur Morgan has access to all the areas available in the main storyline, with the exception of the State of New Austin (a region known from the first Red Dead Redemption).
  • Attempting to enter the state of New Austin prematurely means a quick death for the protagonist. This state becomes available only during the game’s long epilogue, after completing several of its missions.
  • Quick travel is initially available only in the form of train and stagecoach – the destination is set after buying a ticket in the appropriate spot. Free fast travel will also be available in the camp after buying one of the improvements in the camp book. This map will also automatically be transferred to your home when the main storyline is completed.
  • You may not feel safe in all locations in the game world. In addition to the state of New Austin, avoid investigating locations marked in red that are not accessible to unauthorized people. Gang hideouts are also dangerous. Arthur will be attacked after entering such a camp. However, it is worth attacking them, as there are many valuable items in gangs’ hiding camps.



  • You can recognize mission types by their markers on the world map. Yellow tags are main quest mission givers. White tags are side quest givers – only a large question marker may be visible on the map (for example on the picture above) until the person who commissions the task is discovered. Small white dots are random events that occur while travelling around the game world.
  • Most of the side missions that we will not be able to complete during the main questline are available when the story is completed. One exception is the second mission from Mary, which is available in Saint Denis (the marker will appear after reading the letter that will come to the camp). It is a good practice to complete side missions in parallel to the main missions.
  • The game offers the possibility of creating manual save games – choose the option (Story) from the pause menu. This is very helpful, because there are choices to be made in many missions. It is advisable to create a manual save before the start of each larger mission. You can also repeat story missions by selecting them from the pause menu – Progress and then Story Mode. This is a good way if you want to win a gold medal. Unfortunately, the game does not remember your choices this way. If you want them to be fixed, play the mission from the manual save you made beforehand.
  • Leopold Strauss’ usury missions should be completed no later than in the sixth chapter, as they will no longer be available in the epilogue.



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