Red Dead Redemption 2 – Fend off and Escape the Law Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption 2 Mission Walkthrough

Fend off and Escape the Law

  • Get on the trolley, and make your escape.
  • Fend off the lawmen chasing down the trolley.
  • After the trolley crashes, hold your position and shoot down incoming lawmen.
  • Follow Lenny as the gang moves through an alley.
  • Shoot the lawmen waiting for you in the alley.
  • Continue pushing as the gang makes their escape on the streets.
  • Get on the wagon to leave St. Denis.
  • Shoot the Dynamite that Lenny throws on the bridge.

Switch Sides On The Trolley To Get To The Other Lawmen

Lawmen will be chasing the trolley, and will be coming from both sides. You will be able to switch sides of the Trolley to stop them from catching up!

Use Cover As You Slowly Push Forward

Cover will help you push forward as it helps you stand your ground while whittling down the number of enemies. Make sure to keep in cover most of the time when in shootouts!

Use Dead Eye To Shoot The Dynamite

The Dynamite will be a very small target to lock on to when shooting it. Use Dead Eye to slow down time to have a bigger window when trying to shoot the dynamite.

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