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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Flaco Hernandez Walkthrough

Flaco Hernandez

Flaco Hernandez is found in Del Lobo hideout located in Cairn Lake. This is the north-west part of the map – don’t forget to take warm clothes with you.

Members of Del Lobo will attack you after a short “introduction”. You can surprise them by shooting the gang members from afar.

Flaco is in the main building. Put your weapon down – this is the only way to make Hernandez leave the building. You will now have to duel Flasco. Press the right trigger only about halfway and shoot once the bar is full. Kill Flaco before he shoots first. You can hit any of his body parts.

Approach the gunslinger’s corpse. Take out the camera from your inventory – this item is in the same slot as binoculars. Take a picture of dead Flaco Hernandez.

Search Flaco’s corpse – you will find Flaco’s Revolver, a unique weapon. You can also check the cabin. Inside, you can find, i.e. a Cigarette card and a stash with a treasure map (under the bed.)

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