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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Meet and Ride With Sadie Walkthrough

Meet and Ride With Sadie Walkthrough

  1. Ride out to Blackwater and head into the saloon to meet with Sadie.
  2. After the cutscene, mount your horse and follow Sadie until you reach your destination.
  3. Once you reach the canyon overlooking the valley, dismount and follow Sadie to the ledge.
  4. Equip your binoculars and check the direction of where Langton’s posse is headed.
  5. Mount your horse and continue following Sadie until you reach the end of the canyon.
  6. Get down from your horse and talk to Sadie on your approach:
  • Choice A: Sneak
  • Choice B: Threaten The Gang
  • Choice C: Shoot The Gang

*In this walkthrough, the guide chose to follow Choice C in No. 6.

4. Don’t Lose Sight Of The Gang

Failing to use your binoculars, seeing where the gang went, and following them will automatically fail this mission. Keep on their tails and don’t lose sight of them.

4. Don’t Alert Langton’s Posse

Accidentally firing off a weapon in the gang’s general direction will cause you to fail this mission. Keep it quiet and follow them from a distance.

6. Choose To Sneak, Threaten Or Shoot The Gang

You have three options on how to approach Langton’s gang – you can sneak into the camp, threaten them directly, or start a shootout. It won’t affect the story but the approach will be different for each one.

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Choice C: Shoot The Gang

  • After deciding your approach, start shooting at Langton’s gang from where you are perched.
  • Make your way down the canyon, eliminating enemies as you go down.
  • Once you reach the bottom of the canyon, hoist up Shane Finley.
  • Deposit him onto your horse and then mount up.

Shoot Down Enemies On Cliffs & Ledges

Enemies on the higher ground will always have a better view. Shoot them down first to prevent their shots from connecting.

Use Canyon Rocks As Cover From Enemy Fire

The canyon will have several large rocks you can use as cover during the shootout with Langton’s men. Utilize them to prevent damage from enemy fire.

Utilize Dead Eye To Do Deadly Shots

The Dead Eye mode is extremely helpful in this part of the mission as it can help you pick enemies off instantly one by one. This prevents you from being outpowered and outnumbered.

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