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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Meet Dutch In The Saloon Walkthrough

Meet Dutch In The Saloon

  • Go to the Saloon in Valentine with John.
  • Greet Dutch and Strauss inside the Saloon.
  • Go outside the Saloon to see what is causing all the ruckus.
  • Slowly draw your gun and engage Dead Eye to shoot John & Strauss’ captors.
  • Engage in a shootout against Cornwall’s men.
  • Fight your way to the Stables in Valentine.
  • Grab Strauss and load him onto one of the Horses.
  • Escape from Valentine and the law.

Utilize Dead Eye & Cover

As there will be a lot of enemies in the area, it would be good to keep yourself in cover to avoid taking much damage during the shootout. Dead Eye will also help you take out lots of enemies at once.

Move With The Wagon Towards The Stables

Using the Wagon as cover, move alongside it to keep yourself safe from gunfire as you make your way towards the stables in at the end of the main road in Valentine.

Make Sure That Strauss Is Safe

Letting Leopold Strauss die during this sequence will cause you to fail the mission. Keep an eye on him at all times, and make sure to get him as soon as you reach the stables.

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