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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Money Lending and Other Sins Walkthrough

Money Lending and Other Sins

Money Lending and Other Sins is a group of missions unlocked in Red Dead Redemption 2’s second chapter. The task is to collect money from people who are in debt to Leopold Strauss.

How to get a gold medal in Money Lending and Other Sins?

  • Complete the mission in less than 2 minutes and 10 seconds – This challenge is connected only to the last debtor, Thomas Downes. The time starts running when you reach the farm. Go straight to the garden. Be fast at choosing behavior options to end the meeting as fast as you can. You should also quickly reach the gang hideout so you can speak with Strauss.

This objective is only for Part 3.

To start this mission, talk to Strauss at camp. He has a few jobs for you. Chiefly, collecting debts from people that owe your gang money.

You can find these people by their marks on the map – with a yellow area with LS on it. Look at your map now to see the three debtors you have to choose from. You only have to complete one to finish the mission, but we have guides for all three. Scroll down to the name of the person you’re collecting from.

Mr. Wrobel

This guide follows how to collect the debt from Mr. Wrobel, who can be found west of camp on the other side of the Dakota River.

Once you’re in the area Mr. Wroble was last seen, as evidenced by the notification on the upper left hand of the screen, go into the house.

Mr. Wroble doesn’t speak English, but you can gather he’s pretty broke. Beat him until he agrees to let you loot his house.

  • Find his valuables in the cabinet in the corner to the left of him.

  • There’s a fine bottle of brandy in the cabinet in the kitchenette area.

  • There’s an Antique Watch by the door.

That’s pretty much all that’s worth taking. Now return to camp with it. You can see where to turn it in by the yellow suitcase-looking marker with the $ on it at camp, or reference the map below.

Lilly Millet

You can find Lilly Millet at Emerald Ranch, northeast of camp.

Specifically, she’s sitting outside a large building next to a man named Cooper… who will start fighting you after trying to get the money from Lilly. Take the time to put on a disguise, then beat him up to find Lilly’s debt money.

If someone sees you do this, they will assume you’re stealing despite Arthur’s audible protests that he was just collecting a debt. Thus, the disguise. Remember to turn the money in at camp.

Chuck Matthews

Chuck is at a house northeast of camp, just a bit more north of Emerald Ranch. He’s already saddling up behind the house in a shed when you get there, and he’ll immediately run away on horseback.

Follow him, and ready your lasso. Remember to hold the L2 button to keep him tied up with your lasso. Just search him once you have him on the ground, and you’ll find a treasure map to all of his worldly possessions.

Don’t worry about interpreting it – the marker will appear on your actual map automatically. Head north to find the tree, loot it, and return to camp with the debt.

Turning in the Debt

Each debt will net you about $4 each in personal profits. After turning them in, regardless if one, two, or all three, follow the prompts to open the ledger and purchase a camp upgrade. For example, specific purchases will unlock fast travel.

After doing so, Strauss will approach you and a cutscene will play. He’ll ask Arthur to go after one more debtor – Thomas Downes – who will now appear on your map.

Money Lending and Other Sins Part 3

You can start this now, or head to the area later. You can see it on your map – Downe’s Ranch, northwest of the camp.

When you head there during the day, you’ll probably find Mr. Thomas Downes tending to his crops to the right of house.

He’ll threaten you with a rake, but you’ll easily pull it from him and knock him to the ground. If you only choose to threaten him, the game will still have Arthur beat on him a bit – the outcome is the same regardless of which you choose to do.

Ultimately, his family will come out to talk to you, claiming Thomas isn’t well and asking for more time.

A short cutscene will play of Arthur on his way back to camp.

Gold Medal Requirements

To get a Gold Medal for this mission, talk to Strauss as fast as possible. Run around the right side of camp on your way to him, as you can’t run while in camp, and this will position you to have the least distance to cover when in camp.

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