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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Ransack the O’Driscoll’s Camp Walkthrough

Ransack the O’Driscoll’s Camp Walkthrough

  1. Grab your rifle from your horse’s inventory.
  2. Move around the perimeter camp with Dutch.
  3. Sneak and follow Dutch into the camp.
  4. Choice: Lead the way or call the gang.
  5. Kill the O’Driscolls.at the camp.
  6. Loot the bodies.
  7. Defeat the O’Driscolls reinforcements.
  8. Go back to Dutch.
  9. Loot the camp.
  10. Look for the dynamite and their plans to move the mission forward.
  11. Head back to camp.

4. Choose to Lead the Fight or Send in the Gang

Choosing to take the lead will give you a free shot to take out one of the O’Driscolls before they know what’s happening. After you shoot, the gang will come in anyways.

7. Use Dead Eye to Take Out Multiple Enemies

Get the best out of your Dead Eye by taking out multiple enemies around the camp. You can do this a number of times during the fight against the O’Discrolls’ reinforcements.

5. & 7. Shoot Behind Cover

Don’t be left standing in the open as this could easily get you killed. Stay behind cover and peak out to shoot down enemies.

How to get the gold medal in the Old Friends mission?

You must catch and tie up Kieran in less than 45 seconds – Start gallop as soon as you receive the objective of catching the bandits. Use the lasso as soon as you approach the fugitive and quickly dismount your horse to tie him up. If you make a mistake (e.g. such as stopping on an obstacle) let the mission end in failure. A checkpoint shall be loaded just before the start of the chase.

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Kill 3 O’Driscolls with a single Dead Eye use – launch the Dead Eye mode once you have three enemies in sight. If you can’t activate this mode, use an item that fully renews it.

Complete the mission in less than 15 minutes and 30 seconds – try not to lose too much time during the main fights in the enemy camp. Also, rely on galloping whenever possible.

Get 15 headshots – try to eliminate each opponent from the camp in this way. Use the Dead Eye to get more headshots easily.

Complete the mission without using health-replenishing items – this is the simplest challenge. Just don’t regenerate your health You have to be careful and do the entire mission on a single health bar.

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