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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Rob the Bank in Valentine Walkthrough

Rob the Bank in Valentine

  1. Travel with your gang members to Bank in Valentine.
  2. Choice: Pick Karen’s distraction routine.
  3. Wait outdoors, wear bandanna to start the robbery.
  4. Beat and encourage the Teller to open the bank vault.
  5. Choice: Crack the safe yourself or blow them open with dynamite.
  6. Crack the safe.

2. Karen’s Routine will Not Affect the Game

Choosing Karen’s distraction method will not affect the outcome of the heist. Choosing from ‘lost little girl’ or ‘drunken harlot’ routine is your preference.

3. Initiate Robbery By Wearing Bandanna

You can initiate the robbery by wearing your bandanna from the inventory menu. It is advised you keep the mask on during the entirety of this mission to avoid being a wanted man.

5. Choose Whether to Manually Crack the Safe or Blow it Open

You will be given a choice to either you crack the safe manually or blowing them open with a dynamite. Taking the more aggressive route will attract unnecessary attention, but can open the safe faster.

5 & 6. Watch the Turn Speed of Dial to Get the Combination

If you choose to crack the safe yourself, you can turn the dial with your Left Stick to adjust the combination. The dial turn speed will slow down as you get closer to the correct number.

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