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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Run Away From The Law Walkthrough

Run Away From The Law

The next scene forces you to play in the first perspective mode. Enter the saloon. Go on the upper floor, turn left and then right. Enter room 1A and watch a funny cut-scene featuring Lenny. Keep talking to the saloon’s visitors until Lenny finds Arthur.

You are now outside the building. You can drown the man you are holding or wait until he frees himself and escapes.

The last part of the mission starts when the police arrives:

  1. Escape is possible but it is hard to do. Run down the alley between the buildings and be sure that Arthur doesn’t hit any of the poles or other obstacles (try to stay in the middle of the path). Turn right and press the jump button when you reach the small fence (the option to jump over the fence is blurred out intentionally). Arthur will wake up away from the town.
  2. Arthur and Lenny can be stopped by the police – this can happen when you don’t start running away or when you hit a pole or a fence. The heroes end up in jail (the picture 2). Lenny will pay the fine. After that both heroes will regain their freedom.

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