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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Simple Pleasures Walkthrough

Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures is one of the main missions in Red Dead Redemption 2. John, using a fake name of “Jim Milton”, starts his work on Pronghorn ranch.

How to get a gold medal in Simple Pleasures?

  • When milking, fill a bucket within 10 seconds – Be fast at moving the analog sticks downwards.
  • Complete within 5 minutes and 15 seconds – Be quick at milking the cow and collecting manure.

Approach David Geddes and Tom Dickens in the barn to start this quest. Mr. Geddes is the owner, and you finally get to meet him. He says you need to work… extra hard, if you want to earn your keep with a family.

Another ranch hand shows John outside, and his family arrives in the wagon. You go to greet Abigail and Jack, and Abigail isn’t too happy you “threw your weight” around. John says he had to, and frustrated, leaves the cabin to rejoin the other ranch hand, Abe.

The two of them talk as they approach the cows. Abe says he was going to milk them, and then shows John how.

Gold Medal Checklist:

  • When milking, fill a bucket within 10 seconds.

To milk, you have alternate pulling down on the left and right sticks. You can’t just do it as fast as you can, you need a little bit of timing and some finesse. Think of it as a mini game.

After milking one bucket, John will get the hang of it and a cutscene will start. Jack will come say hello.

Follow the two of them to a barn. When you arrive, pick up the pitchfork on your right. Start pitchforking the manure with square/x, and deposit it in the wheelbarrow.

Pick up all the piles of manure. When you’re done, head back to check on Abigail. The house is marked yellow on your minimap. When you get close enough, a cutscene will prompt.

John and Abigail will have a nice conversation. The screen fades to black, and you wake up early the next morning to the rooster’s call.

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