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Resident Evil 2 – Access The Elevator Walkthrough

Access The Elevator

1. Head to the right side of the Parking Lot, to the door marked with a big “P”.
2. Enter the door and proceed to the right side of the area.
3. Head to the Morgue via the Kennel, and get the Diamond Key from the dead body.
4. Head back to the Parking Lot, and go to the opened door next to the switched you interacted with to trigger the cutscene.
5. Open the door with a diamond logo using the Diamond Key to activate the Elevator.
6. Go out of the Elevator Control Room and call the Elevator to go up.

3. Heading To The Morgue

Walk Slowly When Encountering Lickers
Lickers will be in the Kennel when you show up. They cannot see you, but are attracted to sound. Walk slowly past them to avoid making noise.

There Is A Body By the Door Inside The Morgue
There will be a body next to the door inside the Morgue. Kill this body before it reanimates later to get a clear path out of the Morgue.

The Diamond Key Is In The Morgue Casket
You will need to open the second to the last Morgue Casket on the bottom row to find the key. Be careful as the body will reanimate as soon as you obtain the Diamond Key.

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6. Go Out Of The Elevator Control Room

Get The Map Before Using The Elevator
Before heading into the Elevator, there will be a map on the wall near it.

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