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Resident Evil 2 – Find a Way Out Walkthrough

Find a Way Out Walkthrough

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Entering the Secret Room as the path behind you closes up, you’ll find that you can’t return to the Police Station until you find a missing T-Bar Handle for the red slot by the stairs. Thankfully this room has all the amenities, including a Typewriter, Item Box, Gunpowder, and Shotgun Shells. You can admire the model of the museum/station and other trinkets here before moving on.

Heading down the Underground Stairs, you’ll find a path halfway down, but you can also go to the bottom floor to find a Grenade stashed on the ground, a locked door, and a locked Special Weapons Case that looks fairly enticing. Return to the middle floor and head out onto the catwalk.

There will be the sounds of someone scuffling, but nothing you can see yet. Keep walking down the long corridors until you come to overlook a large Machinery Room. Head right around the catwalk to push a cabinet out of the way – only to be ambushed by the “thing” that was making those noises.

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