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Resident Evil 2 – How to find the Locker Combos (Demo)

How to find the Locker Combos

There are two lockers in the Resident Evil 2 demo that require a combination to unlock. One of them is located on the second floor in the Shower Room, and the other is on the third floor at the end of the hall you enter right as you reach the top of the stairs leading from the second floor.

To open either locker, you need to input a code made up of three letters into a lock. If you’ve spent some time exploring, you’ll notice that the locker codes aren’t in any file and can’t be found scrawled anywhere in the environment. Instead, these codes are little easter eggs, though they’re not anything you’d likely guess.

You can find the first locker in the Shower Room on the second floor against the north wall. The code for the Shower Room Locker is BIO (referencing the series Japanese name, Biohazard). You’ll find shotgun shells in this locker.

The second locker is located near the top of the third-floor stairs that lead from the second floor. Instead of turning right into the room with the Spade Key, just go straight, and you’ll run right into it. The code for the third-floor locker is RES (referencing Resident Evil). For unlocking this locker, you’ll get Magnum Ammo.

Unfortunately, we don’t know where the magnum is at this point, so these bullets are kind of useless. The one place we haven’t been able to check yet is the West Office safe, so it’s possible it might be in there.

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