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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – Get Some Achievement Guide

“Get Some!” Achievement

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It is the main reason why anyone would keep playing gunner. Unfortunately, it is a door gunner achievement, so its gonna take a while. Few things you can do to make it easier:

You are less likely to get door gunner kills on Supremacy because of the game-mode’s nature. Enemies will be spread out and squad tunnels will be all over the map which reduces your chance of ever hitting anyone. Getting 25 kills is already a grind, so don’t make it harder for yourself.

Instead, there are plenty of community-made Territories maps that include helicopters and that is what you want. Averaging 2-3 kills a match means you’re doing very good.

Maps best suited for this achievement:

  • VNTE_BorderWatch
  • VNTE_Resort
  • VNTE_RedRidge
  • VNTE_DawnOfTet

Your best opportunity to get a kill is during recon and Loach flyovers. Check your map and suppress enemy-controlled objective. Keep spraying but be smart with it (you’d be surprised how many tk’s you can get with door gunner)

VNTE_Resort is particularly good for this achievement. There are 4 Hueys which means its easy for you to secure a spot. Most of the time, pilots will suck on this map, flying or landing close to the objective – terrible for your team, but good for your achievement. Start spraying once you’re within 250m distance from your targets.

There is another thing you can do if your team manages to push the game beyond first two objectives on Resort. Your mounted M60 has no recoil and it’s extremely good at wallbanging buildings in C and D points. Huey will land on the flanks of these points, close enough for you to start mercilessly spraying everything in your sight and potentially scoring few kills. This will result in a much quicker progression than doing flyovers for an entire round and getting the same amount of kills.

My pilot landed at this spot, which gave me a perfect drop on the enemies. You are exposed and immobile, however you will also save a lot of time if you do this. After about a minute I managed few kills. This is just an example of this strat, but you get the idea.

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