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Risk of Rain 2: Getting Good Runs on Multiplayer

I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the multiplayer in this game being awful so I decided to make a guide on how to get consistently good runs during multiplayer. FYI I only play on monsoon with random players. I will probably edit this guide for when more content comes out.

Early Game (Stages 1-4)

The early game is what kills most runs due to the average player wanting to open up every chest they can before activating the teleporter, then by stage 3 the game is already on IMPOSSIBLE difficulty and everyone gets wiped out when they fight the boss.

To avoid the scenario this is what I do during the early game:

Spread out away from my teammates to cover the most ground and look for shrines of Blood/Combat/Mountain to collect items faster and also ping the teleporter.

Buy 2-4 items then head to the teleporter, try to open chests that are away from the teleporter rather than the ones close to it.

Once I am at the teleporter, I press TAB to see what items my teammates have. When all players have at least 2 items activate the teleporter immediately. It will waste time to wait for others to be ready for the teleporter event. Keep in mind that stubborn players that will want to grind for everything will be forced into doing the teleporter event.

After the teleporter event, grab everything around the teleporter and leave.

Do this for stages 1-3

During stage 4 you can spend some time grinding for items due to the spawn rate of enemies being higher and item pods being green rarity.

Late game (Stages 5 and above)

The late game can vary due to getting really good items or getting really bad items but the main strategy you want to focus on is keeping everyone alive long enough to grab items. If one player dies during the late game they will be much weaker the next level and it can be very difficult for them to recover.

You should always pay attention to the hp of your teammates, if one person is below 30% of their hp then go to their location and kill everything around them. If you’re on low hp run towards a teammate and hopefully they will try to protect you. Tanky Elite enemies should be taken out as a team to avoid getting yourself killed by them.

Now if someone does die during the late game the best way to recover is to have the most overpowered player protect the person that died last stage and even buy items for them. If your the player that died you should not play aggressive and just focus on staying alive to buy items. If done correctly everyone should be at the same level of power.

Try to avoid benefiting from other players deaths, what I mean by this is if you complete the teleporter event and everyone else is dead you will get 4 green rarity items and have every item on the stage to yourself. You should try to help other players get back up on their feet by buying them items and don’t be a item hoarder when you got so many items the last stage. I know that being overpowered is a lot of fun but being underpowered isn’t very fun and makes people disconnect most of the time.

During the teleporter event, try to not just focus on the boss. Two players is enough to take out the bosses. Getting your entire team killed is easy if you aren’t killing enemies.

In short, don’t let your teammates die because the difficulty scaling is meant for 4 players not just one.

Void Fields

Void Fields can wipe out an entire team if you don’t go in well prepared so I just want to give some multiplayer tips about this hidden realm.

Before entering Void Fields every team member should have good defensive items and good speed items because you don’t need to kill enemies to complete the event you just need to survive.

If one person is left alive they can still save the run by leaving through the portal early.

Players should take turns leaving the cell to distract enemies and going back in to bring their hp back up. If all players don’t leave the cell then dodging attacks becomes much harder and everyone is gonna take a lot of damage and will probably die.

Engineer can out heal the suffocation effect with bustling fungus. Engineer players should camp outside of the cell to draw aggro away from players in the cell.

Rex can survive outside the cell with its “Tangling Growth” ability, this can also help draw aggro away from the cell but this can get you killed quickly if you can’t manage your hp.

To minimize the amount of bad RNG you can get you should enter the blue portal at around 3 minutes into the game to get really easy enemies like Jellyfish or Lemurians.

Item Management

One advantage of multiplayer over singleplayer is that you can give items that don’t benefit you to characters that have a much better synergy. This is the easiest way to getting “God runs” in multiplayer.

For example: If I’m playing as Commando and I get Crowbar from a chest, I would let an Artificer or a Loader take it because they have high burst damage and Commando does not.

Some items like Soldiers Syringe or Tougher Times are good on all characters so their is no reason to share them.

Every game is different so item sharing is not always the solution to getting a good run. You should not share your items with someone that is already super overpowered or item hogging.

Also you should give Bustling Fungus to Engineer.

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