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Scrap Mechanic Mods for Survival

I make litle edit of configurations.

  • Now you have 70% chance of drop 6 component kits from LootBox.
  • Now you can craft component kit.
  • Now you can place bag of soil on any game structures (Not Blocks).
  • Random drop rate of SlimyClam (1-10).
  • Random drop rate of CrudeOil (1-10).

Mods for Survival

Screenshot guide


Download (drive.google.com)

To install: Put two folders from archive to Scarp Mechanic\Survival folder, and replace all.







Craft of ComponentKit

Craft of ComponentKit

It’s end. I hope “Scrap Mechanic Mods for Survival” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

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Written by Paul Piski

2 thoughts on “Scrap Mechanic Mods for Survival”

  1. i have been toying around with this folder as well and changing a lot of this. i made the stack count on lots of things higher. i made chests have more inventory slots. crops give more when harvesting, and crops take less time to mature. i made some resources easier to craft and give more when crafting. i also have made a few things craftable that are not by default( but the only way i can do that is to overwrite pre-existing recipes, curious if that is how u did it as well or added a brand new recipe). one thing i have been trying find a way to do is make the character walk and run faster. there are values to change in walk and sprint speed for the mechanic character and for all of the enemy bots. changing the values for the bots seems to work to alter their speed, but changing the values for the mechanic character doesn’t seem to do anything. another thing i have been trying to do is to reset the day when character sleeps. this is probably a lot harder than the previous things, but it would be kinda cool. let me know if u have any ideas for these.

    • Hey John , how do you change the chest inventory slots? and it is possible to change the player inventory or to add stacked items?


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