Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: Hirata Estate Secret Door (Shinobi Shortcut)

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide

Hirata Estate Secret Door (Shinobi Shortcut)

  • Location: Audience Chamber
  • Leads To: Secret Room

After defeating Juzou the Drunk and gaining access to the main Audience Chamber in the estate, look for a short hallway on the left side where to Bandits patrol, and the hall suddenly ends after a left turn.

Look at the wall at the end of the passage with a painting and hug the wall to reveal a Shinobi Shortcut Secret Door, which leads to a secret room!

Inside here are many untouched spoils, including a Mibu Balloon of Wealth and Light Coin Purse. Head down the hall to the left to find a room with Divine Confetti, and a large screen on the other side of the room that hides a chest you can open to find a Prayer Bead!

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