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Shadows Over Loathing Delphine House: The Optimal Path

The optimal path for traversing the time loop inside the Delphine House. No conversing with future selves and no waiting for your past to catch up with you.

Shadows Over Loathing Delphine House: The Optimal Path

First off, this is a straightforward guide with no hints. If you want to solve the puzzle on your own, probably don’t look at this.

Secondly, this guide starts the moment before you walk into Delphine House, BEFORE you talk to any of your future selves. If you have already spoken with a future version of yourself, the following order of events is still applicable, however, you will now have to figure out when in the sequence you must fulfill the role of the self you interacted with. This is easily done through trial and error, and the future selves will give you hints through their dialogue.

The Guide

The correct order of events is as follows:

  1. Enter House
  2. Pick up candlestick. (Main room)
  3. Raid medicine cabinet. (Bathroom)
  4. Pick up hatchet. (Main room)
  5. Throw candlestick at the trapdoor in the ceiling. (Bedroom)
  6. Go up the stairs.
  7. Rummage through the boxes.
  8. After the dialogue, jump down the hole.
  9. Unlock the door, and exit back into the main room.
  10. Collect plant food from the kitchen. (Main room)
  11. Flush the toilet. (Bathroom)
  12. Feed the plant. (Bedroom)
  13. Open the box. (Previously locked room)
  14. Leave the house.

Let me know in the comments if there are questions or difficulties concerning the sequencing. Good luck.

Written by nnnobodyy

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