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Software Inc – How to do Software Mods

This mod will show a simple but effective way how to mod, for rising modders who want to mod the game, but don’t know how because the guides are complicated.

Software Modding: XML Coding

Chances are you have downloaded a software mod and the features are incredibly complicated. Well it is true, but software modding isn’t as hard as you think. Once you understand the basics and get the basic ideas of modding, you can create your own mods for private use or for mod making.

1- The Modding Language

Modding is done by using .XML files. But also, XML is a coding language. It’s easy to code with XML, once you get the hang of it. For example, lines are structured like this:

[1] <Name>Test Name</Name>[2] <Unlock>1990</Unlock>[3]<Description>This is a test</Description>

To do a line of XML, you can do this..


..or this..


..or this, depending on what you wanna do.


[1] The < & > Symbols
[1.1] They are used in EVERY line of XML code, and cannot be excused. They are put at the start and at the end.

[2] LineOperation
[2.1] This starts and ends an operation that you wanna do. If you wanna end a line, you must put a slash at the start before you write the LineOperation.

[3] Values
[3.1] This adds a customizable value that can change the effects of an LineOperation.

Using this information, you know the basics of XML coding.

Written by Gamer Eddie

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