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BUNNY GARDEN: Good Ending Guide

How to get good ending in BUNNY GARDEN.

BUNNY GARDEN: Good Ending Guide

Assuming you’re not in debt, reach 8/10 likability by 9/17 or 9/24 (the last day of the game) and you’ll get confessed to during the afters (CG4&5).

For the harem ending (Other CG2&3), have all of them reach 8/10 likability by those dates, but that’s easier done on a Gold Mode (see all 3 endings) playthrough that starts you off with 50 million yen.

So you should pursue a single a girl for your first three playthroughs to extract all their dialogue and CGs, and on your first day for Rin/Miuka’s route, savescum until the first switch goes to the one you’re looking for (it’s RNG).


For Kana, I was able to reach 8/10 likability by 6/18 and 10/10 likability by 6/25 by savescum gambling 9 times every day before entering shop. So I had like 3 extra months of spare time, but you want to continue pursuing afters for the birthday ticket (CG1), vacation trip (CG2&3) and 4 ASMR scenes (CG6&7) for all CGs & ASMR. Due to how backloaded salary is, I ended up with like 1.5 million yen so you probably don’t need to gamble/dispatch at all if you’re just being frugal early on…

There’s 42 days available, each girl has 7 days off, so use that time to gamble a 10th time.

  • Kana’s Days Off = 5/13, 6/17, 7/8, 8/19, 8/27 (Miuka’s Birthday), 9/2, 9/3 (Rin’s Birthday)
  • Rin’s Days Off = 5/27, 6/10, 7/22, 8/13 (Kana’s Birthday), 8/26, 8/27 (Miuka’s Birthday), 9/9
  • Miuka’s Days Off = 5/20, 6/24, 7/1, 8/5, 8/13 (Kana’s Birthday), 9/3 (Rin’s Birthday), 9/16

When it comes to deciding your vacation trip, it always takes 2 days so can only be done on a Saturday. It can also overwrite their own birthday, so don’t do that. I unlocked it for Kana on 7/29, used it immediately on 8/5~8/6, but that wasn’t optimal. I should’ve used Kana’s on 9/2~9/3 since that’s 2 days off back to back. For Rin, it’s optimal on 8/26~8/27 since that’s also 2 days off back to back. Miuka at best can only overwrite 1 day off.

The price of your drink does matter, Yomand (150,000) gives you half a bar of likeability while Rustic (10,000) is like a 1/15 and Mori Champange (17,000) a 1/9. It took me 9 Yomands on Kana to max her out that early.

5/13’s Love Counter (after 3 full sessions? or 5/7 on second playthrough) lets you check how much likeability you get for 100,000 yen, but if you’re focusing on one girl per playthrough, you don’t need it permanently when you can just savescum buying it, entering shop to check your current progress, and reload.

For the girl’s drink, Kana was able to get drunk off Bunny Punch (5000, 50/100 alcohol and 2 Vintage Umeshu (1800, 30/100 alcohol) sometime later. There’s a lot more drunk conversations that give likability compared to being sober, so use that to your advantage. I got Kana and Rin drunk by my 7th visit with just 4 Yomands spent (3 likability) while mitigating my debt.

As stated in a different thread, it’s after 6 visits and requires 100 alcohol alongside a list of each drink, so 2 Bunny Punches work or 2 Bunny Trap (3000 yen, 35 alcohol) and 1 Fine Wine (1300 Yen, 30/100 Alcohol). It’ll only alter the third conversation though.


Even if you go for the cheapest (liked) options every time,

  • 3 extensions = 3000 * 3 = 9000
  • cheapest Haito drinks: 800 for Cassis Orange, Oolong Highball * 3 = 2400
  • cheapest liked drinks: 800 Cassis Orange (Kana), 800 Oolong Highball (Rin), 900 Jin and Tonic (Miuka)
  • cheapest liked food: 2800 Ajillo (Kana & Miuka), 2600 Assorted Candies (Rin)

it’s enough to get motivated (+12,000 salary) for only around 20,000 yen per visit in the early game, then once you can get them drunk (3?/10 likability), pivot the girl’s drinks to a working combination while saving up for Yomands. Gifting doesn’t seem necessary outside a harem playthrough. At most you may need to spend +5000 on private rooms, +2000 on sumo/photos/Twister, +15000 for afters, and +50000 for luxury afters. Then once you’re maxed out likability, you can go cheap as possible with drinks and no food, skipping to the conversation part + 3 extensions.

You’ll need to hoard 35,000 x 3 for gifted panties, 150,000 for their birthday gift, 70,000 for birthday champagne, and 230,000 for a vacation trip.

You start with a 45,000 yen salary and get +23,000 yen raises on 5/27, 6/17, 7/16, 8/5, and 9/16. Motivation bonus is +12,000 yen while being overworked from Dispatches you’ll never want to use is -40,000. You can spend Yomands on Sundays and then get paid immediately afterward to remove minor debts.

Spending too much Yomand too early for likability can maybe sequence break critical events, like how these people skipped out on getting Kana’s and Rin’s birthday tickets. So savescum gambling or gold mode might ironically cripple your run…


So for me, 9 Yomand on the following Kana visits: 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th, 2 on 12th, and 13th got me every CG for her. I think I only needed 7 of them to reach 8/10 likability though.

Alternatively, afters may only be on specific dates, so if you miss the one day that’ll give you a birthday ticket or vacation trip offer, tough luck. I’ll know for sure here.


Written by VertVentus

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